The Musketeers: The Accused – Review

Posted March 16, 2015 by John Newby in Nerdy Bits

After the surprising end to “The Prodigal Father”, The Musketeers needed to answer a lot of questions. In fact, the show had so many questions that it almost seemed overwhelming. Thankfully, the penultimate episode upped the ante while streamlining the plot points to create an intense and entertaining story. So what did The Musketeers do during “The Accused”?

Continuing on from “The Prodigal Father”, the penultimate episode follows Rochefort as he attempts to destroy the queen’s reputation and her friendship with the Musketeers. To do this, Rochefort starts distributing incriminating letters to the king while also forcing Marguerite to help him with the nefarious schemes. Additionally, Rochefort seems to be poisoning the king with some strange drugs to unknown effects. It doesn’t appear that Rochefort is trying to kill the king, but he definitely has some strange reasoning for the poisoning.

In order to escape death, the Musketeers take the queen to the convent where her love for Aramis was born. Unfortunately, the queen is obsessed with getting back to Paris to see her son and the king. This obsession puts the entire team in danger, as well as Constance. The queen’s trusted advisor is tasked with trying to rescue the queen’s son without letting Rochefort discover that anything is wrong. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t work out, which results in Constance’s imprisonment alongside the doctor.

While the Musketeers and the queen are spending time hiding from Rochefort’s assassins, Athos and Milady are trying to incriminate Rochefort in some wrongdoing. Milady is aware that Rochefort is an evil, Spanish spy, but she has to help Athos and the Musketeers prove his guilt. This plan is great, at least until Athos’ ex-sister-in-law shows up with murderous intentions. In a previous episode during season two, this sister-in-law vowed to finish what Athos started and murder Milady. At first, it seemed like this threat wouldn’t appear at all, but this mission led to an awkward showdown with unfortunate results.

The penultimate episode of The Musketeers was a great lead-in to the second season finale. The stakes were high, drastic steps were taken, and certain characters decided to betray everyone with terrible results. Unfortunately, these betrayals completely flipped Paris upside down, resulting in big confrontations and bigger battles. For the most part, these battles were very fun, especially when Porthos was rampaging through the halls beating up Rochefort’s goons.


It will be very interesting to see how the finale of The Musketeers plays out. I don’t believe that the writers will kill off Rochefort because of his status, but something drastic will have to happen to make everything better in the palace. Plus, D’Artagnan and Constance have to pursue their love and attempt to get married. Finally, it will be interesting to see how Athos and Milady’s storyline finishes. Is she better than advertised, or is Milady as evil as possible?

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