The Soul #1 Review

Posted July 17, 2014 by Oscar Russell in Comic Books

Written by: Winston Williams and Jose Alonso

Art by: Leonardo Giron and Winston Williams

Published by: Jozu Comic Books

The Soul is a current ongoing comic series that creator Winston Williams is trying to get to the world via Kickstarter. Issue one is already done and dusted, which is always good when it comes to crowd funded projects, to be able to show a potential pledger that you are able to deliver and also what the reader is going to have in store once they get the finished product.

The Soul is set in the future, and follows a group of Texas Police Officers who are on a stakeout when one of the local hoodlums starts stirring up some trouble on their beat.

The story is pretty fun and engrossing, and is a really quick and easy read. There are elements of paranormal and sci-fi thrown into the mix as well which keep you on your toes throughout.

When it comes to art, the book shines. Blending a weird fusion of Manga and Modern Animation the style really lends its own and fits the story telling and the futuristic world that the creative team have managed to put together. The book is in black and white tones, which is nice, however I really feel that it could have done with colour to really make this book pop and stand out from the crowd.

The pledge rewards that the team have put together are good as well, with a pledge of as little as $5 you can get a physical copy in your hands.  Based of issue one The Soul will really shine with an ongoing series, and it would be a shame for this to fall by the wayside.

You can of course donate to the Kickstarter right here, so that you can get more of this book.


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