The Surge: A Walk in The Park Review

Posted December 19, 2017 by Kyle Simcox in Video Games

Deck13 is taking you on a thrill ride through a brief, yet bloody tour of CREO’s disastrous amusement park in The Surge: A Walk in The Park.

If you’re hoping that the journey through the CREO built amusement park known as “CREO World” offers more insight into the events of The Surge or expands on them, don’t get your hopes up. “A Walk in The Park” instead, chooses to focus a bit more on the main protagonist’s past, however minor its presence is. If you’re a newcomer to The Surge, then the parts of the main story line the DLC does go into will offer some exciting revelations. On the other hand, if you’re like me and you stopped playing because you’re inept at defeating the last boss, then nothing will come as a surprise to you. Scant as the story might be, I did enjoy finding little tidbits of Warrens past before he joined CREO’s ranks.

Having already played through The Surge I saw Warren take “A Walk in The Park” a little too literally. Clad in his fully upgraded Gorgon armor and weapons, I cut a bloody swathe through the mad survivors of the park and it’s insane robotic mascots. The DLC is obviously meant to be played through when you’re about half way through the game. Go too far and most enemies just crumble before Warren’s might. It was exciting to go through and grab the armor, weapons, and implants offered in the DLC though as there’s quite a few fun additions like the mascot heads that Warren can craft for himself or the broken helicopter blade Warren can wield as a weapon.

Getting a spot in line for “The Lumber Jack” show is killer.

The DLC is otherwise light on content and can be cleared in a couple of hours, at least whether or not you’re overpowered going into the park. I was disappointed that I only got to fight two new bosses, both of whom were dispatched with relative ease. Allow me to repeat myself though and say that I was far too ahead of the challenges the content could have offered. The last boss could have easily dispatched me if I was at a weaker level due to all of my missteps. If I were at the appropriate level, I probably would have experienced a lot more stress in the battle. The first boss is probably more like a mini boss and doesn’t really offer up the fun gear other bosses in the game did like the Black Cerberus gear or the ending boss. If you miss getting his weapon during the battle, other enemies are also wielding it.

CREO World is much like every other area in The Surge as well. Players will reach it by summoning a train to the amusement park and opening the many shortcuts located around the park to easily access the Ops Center. Most of the park sank into the abyss below once the explosion in the beginning of The Surge destroyed the supports keeping it in place. As you traverse the literal ups and downs of the park you’ll see plenty of gruesome scenes like mascots hung from debris and the many corpses of those who just couldn’t escape before the park collapsed. Due to the lack of content though, the park is relatively small and it all begins to look the same as you squeeze through tight spaces, find maintenance tunnels, and work your way around the giant gaping hole that could have been a large and danger filled amusement park.

Although it is indeed a fun addition to the game, “A Walk in the Park” more or less just feels like cut content that was added into the game at a later date. It offers nothing new to the narrative, and those close to the end game won’t find anything useful aside from new weapons and armor that they’ll have to grind out materials to upgrade. That being said, it’s some I look forward to experiencing when I finally get around to beating the game and starting over again in New Game +… hopefully with the claws of Gestalt!

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