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Apple just had an event unveiling the new iPhone. or iPhones. Does it mean that the Future is here? Maybe. Even if you’re not an Apple fan, you can at least appreciate something of the things in the new unveiling.


iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5s

One of the bigger things announced at the Apple event was the next iteration of the iPhone. The biggest feature it comes with is the new fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. It works 360 degrees, so you can unlock from any angle. You can also add friends to the known fingerprints so your trusted pals can also unlock it as well.

Paul: This is a neat idea, except for the fact that this could potentially have privacy issues. It all really depends if Apple can access the fingerprint scanner and have it in their database which could in turn be seen by the NSA.  Privacy issues aside, the iPhone 5s could deter thieves because it would be pretty hard to get past the unlock screen, unless they can just wipe it with iTunes. Either way a neat idea if done correctly. Also, this could be a way to stop kids from spending lots of money on apps if it required the parent to allow purchases only with their fingerprint.

Andrew: While Apple’s newest flagship phone wasn’t much of a surprise because of a surprising amount of early information leaks and the like the phone still had some big surprises up it’s sleeve. The biggest of those being that the phone will be the first 64 bit OS based phone with the A7 processor  (discussed below). What’s got me curious though is the new fingerprint reader and how it will affect security and general app purchases. Right now Apple says up to 5 fingerprints can be stored on one phone for presumably up to 5 different people to access your phone and this could either be something that makes life easier for people to make in app purchases and protect their phone or cause more headaches for people who have snooping better halves. We shall see though.


The New A7 chip.

The iPhone 5s is touted as the first 64bit smartphone. The chip is said to support OpenGL ES Ver 3 which can deliver great graphics to the phone’s display. The 64bit chip also comes in handy with the camera by boosting camera features such as autofocus, and high video frame rates.

Paul: I think the idea of a 64bit processor phone would just devour the phone battery, but they say it still lasts pretty long. The idea of the processor driving great graphics to a retina screen really catches my eye, no pun intended. I think this new A7 chipset could potentially mean apps can have more potential. Imagine in the future iPad touch with Adobe Photoshop CS?

Andrew: This to me was the biggest surprise coming out of the event. A 64 bit processor on a phone? Hell yes! What does this mean in the short term? Not too much until developers can fully utilize it, but the future possibilities have me giddy ti give it a try, most likely with the A8 processor they will eventually use with the IPhone 6.


The M7 chip

The iPhone 5s also includes the M7 which is a secondary chip which measures motion from the Gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. Anything that involves motion is processed in the M7 instead of using power to wake or use the A7 chip which results in better battery conservation. While the phone is perceived to be in traffic, the phone doesn’t look for wifi signal, and when the phone perceives the person is sleeping the phone pings the network less. Fitness apps can have access to the M7 chip for their use.

Paul: the people I know who have battery issues with their iPhones would absolutely love this. Using a secondary processor just to process motion is a genius idea instead of waking the 64bit processor which could devour battery life to do it.

Andrew: As one of the people who DOES have battery life issues with my phone (IPhone 5) I am excited to see this implemented. Hopefully this will make the phone a more battery efficient phone and make having to recharge it almost twice a day a thing of the past.


The new iSight Camera

iPhone 5 Camera demo

The iPhone 5s comes with the new “revolutionary” iSight camera. The camera is an 8MP camera with a f/2.2 aperture. The larger the aperture the more light the phone lets in the sensor. Instead of bumping the megapixels Apple went the smart route and added a larger sensor which captures pictures better, and allows for truer colors. The phone also records video at 1080p and 120 frames a second allowing for clear, high-quality video.

Paul: Apple was smart throwing in the bigger sensor instead of just bumping up the megapixels. Hopefully with the bigger sensor, people with iPhones can stop taking crappy pictures of themselves that have a lot of grain. The evolution of the iPhone camera is cool, but doesn’t wow me like the Nokia Lumia 1020’s camera does. The one thing that does sound impressive from the iSight camera is the dynamic auto exposure for panorama photos.

Andrew: I’ll be hoenst about this. It didn’t excite me. I do take pictures with my phone and I do like how they have improved the camera but would it be a huge selling point for me in particular? No, but I do see the excitement this is generating around other cameraphone users and the near DSLR quality that they are toting with the phone could bring. This is something my own wife might benefit from.

iTunes Radio

Apple also announced iTunes Radio, a Pandora like service. It can make stations based off your library, or like pandora you can enter something and it will find music that might be for you. Regular iTunes Radio will be free with ads, but if you want the ad-free experience you’ll have to sign up for iTunes match.

Paul: I think it will be interesting to check out, especially since iTunes has access to the newest songs fairly quickly, and seeing if they add to the iTunes radio will be pretty cool, if not, it will just be a pandora clone.

 Andrew: This is something I will be checking out when I get iOS 7. Could this be the Pandora/Spotify killer? Time will tell.


iOS 7's homescreen

The new, minimalist iOS7 homescreen

Apple is allow introducing the new version of iOS, named iOS7. iOS is a total minimalist take on iOS with added features. This time Apple’s done with the Skeumorphism designs for some of its apps and layouts. iOS also includes control  center, a easier way to access some settings, and AirDrop a way to quickly and efficiently transfer items between iDevices along with a number of new features.

Paul: The minimalist take is a refreshing look for iOS. I like the design as long as it’s meaningful, I don’t want minimalism for minimalism’s sake. I don’t want to go through multiple menus just because it looks nice, so as long as it’s useful, iOS7 looks awesome.

Andrew: I am counting down the days until I can have this on my phone. I am loving the new look, even if it’s very reminicent of the Android OS.

The iPhone 5c

iPhone 5s color variations

Think the iPhone 5c as the iPhone 5 in plastic with the new iSight camera. Yes, I said plastic. Plastic isn’t bad, or cheap if done correctly. With Apple, one could at the very least expect high quality devices, hardware-wise.  The color of the plastic isn’t painted on, the color of the phone is the color of the plastic all the way through. The machined holes are drilled instead of molded into the phone, which creates a sturdier plastic. The 5c is a $100 cheaper and is supposed to help iPhone get into other markets in the world or just entice the public with it’s bold colors which are White, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green.

Paul: I think the 5c is cool, but also falls short. The colors are cool, and if they do the plastic right, everyone will want the iPhone 5c, plastic is such a bad word when it comes to phones because of how crappy it can be. They say they reinforce the plastic with a steel wire frame which also helps the antenna (awesome engineering). Only being a $100 cheaper is the downfall of this phone. What would stop someone getting the iPhone 5s? The iphone 5c only has color and the new iSight camera, everything else is the old iphone 5. If they really wanted to catch the attention of world Markets they should of done the iPhone 4s guts newer camera and the plastic for $300 unsubsidized, then it would catch the eyes in developing smartphone markets.

 Andrew: It’s about time Apple finally made a “budget friendly” phone, but is the 5c really that? Not really since its only 99$ on contract. So is this really the budget phone people were hoping for? Not really, but it’s a step in the right direction though it begs the question to the people who bought the IPhone 5 a week or two ago that might want the new colors or price point, what do they do?

Special Thanks to Andrew Semicek for contributing to this article!

What do you guys think of the Apple event? Do you think iPhone’s are overrated or they forgot a feature? Let us know in the comments what you think about the event! Drop some knowledge bombs on us!




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