Three One Zero Releases a First Look Trailer for ADR1FT

Posted December 10, 2014 by John Newby in Video Games

ADR1FT was announced during the 2014 Game Awards, showing a different style of First Person game. Now, a new trailer has been has been released by developer Three One Zero and publisher 505 Games that shows off some new details about the game.

Known as a First Person Experience (as opposed to Shooter), ADR1FT is the story of an astronaut trapped in space after an unknown disaster takes place. Only, this astronaut has a severely damaged EVA suit and no memory of the event.

Three One Zero and 505 Games released some important details regarding the objective of ADR1FT:

“ADR1FT immerses you in a beautiful and solitary science fiction world, where the environment is the enemy and your mission is to stay alive and return home safely to Earth. As you explore the wreckage in zero gravity, searching desperately for precious resources, the events leading to the destruction begin to unfold and tell an emotional story of action, consequence and redemption. “

This trailer is quite impressive given the pure amount of detail in the environment, and the gorgeousness of the world. More importantly, this trailer shows off how certain moments can be extremely chilling based on some absence of ambient noise.

ADR1FT will be available for Playstation4, Xbox One and STEAM in Summer 2015. Virtual Reality (VR) platforms will also be released in the near future upon hardware release.

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