Tomb Raider #5 Review

Posted June 24, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Nerdy Bits

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: Nicolas Daniel Selma

Publisher: Dark Horse

Lara Croft and her many adventures has come a long way throughout the years. With the release of an origin story video game in 2013, we now move on to a Dark Horse comic that seems to be giving all of the same dynamics as any of the games.

Issue 5 begins with Lara thinking back to good old college days and the start of her friendship with Sam, her inseparable bestie. We are shown fun and interesting things that these girls accomplished together, and then shown where they are today. Unfortunately it’s not the best of circumstances for our girls, with Sam being captured by a group of zealots in Yamatai. And of course, there’s no doubt that Lara is doing everything in her power to secure the safety of her friend. Simone takes you back and forth with what Lara is thinking and doing, while Sam is conversing with the leader of the zealots. Many details to the plot line aren’t as they seem, and we end up meeting surprising characters, that will definitely bring more to the series.

There is a lot of information given, and frankly I had to make sure to take my time with all of it. Was the plot confusing? A little. Was it lacking in information to the story line? Absolutely not. Lara gets herself into trouble a few times, and the action sequences were well done. Selma’s art was also done well, however, I did feel that some pages were lacking in detail. It could have brought a little more “umph” and surprise to the fighting scenes.

Overall, issue 5 was not a let down, and it gave you plenty of information to not keep you guessing too much. Simone also did well with ending on a note that should keep you picking up the next issue.

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