Top 10 Moments From Rick and Morty Season 2

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9 Episodes, 9 EPSIDOES! It’s criminally unfair that Rick and Morty Season 2 only lasted 9 episodes. It is arguably my favorite show on TV right now and easily one of the best Sci-Fi shows going. Season 2 took the mix of hysterical laughter and intense feels to a whole new level. Below are my top 10 moments from Season 2. Of course Spoilers below.

10. Water T and the Numericons

The small side thread that Ice T isn’t of this planet and is instead a son of another world who was exiled seemed goofy but in the after credit scene it all came together. Ice T returned home and reconciled with his father and once again became Water T. The reunion was short lived as the dreaded Numericons attacked resulting in the death of Water T’s father. He now must take up arms against the Numericons. I went from thinking it was a stupid angle to wanting to see a Water T and the Numericons spin off.



9. Indifferent Universes

In the season 2 premiere the prolonged freeze on time creates multiple universes separated by uncertainty. This results in simultaneously seeing multiple universes where Rick is constant (because he’s so sure of everything) and Morty and Summer so indifferent they are ripping time apart. The multiple performances running simultaneously presents a unique perspective and subtle changes that result in an entertaining scene.



8. Get Swifty

In this episode Earth is transported to a reality show where giant heads in the sky judge each planet on their musical talent and, of course Earth relies on the improv abilities of Rick. He delivers the next hit ringtone for millennials “Get Swifty” cause “it’s swifty time today.”




7. Morty’s Purge

When Rick and Morty find themselves on a planet that engages in a yearly “Festival” that mimics the events of the movie The Purge, Morty instantly wants off. Rick insists they hang out and check it out. After events result in them losing their weapons, ship and portal gun the two are forced to the refuge of a lighthouse with a friendly lighthouse keeper who only wants someone to hear his screenplay. Eventually Morty after hearing enough shoves the keeper down the stairs resulting in his death, this results in a hilarious “purging” for Morty where years of teenage angst are released on both guilty and innocent townspeople. “Uhhh Morty I think those people were just hiding…. Ok you’re just shooting corpses now”.



6. Summer in Rick’s Ship

After Rick and Morty have to leave Summer in the ship Rick gives the ship a simple command. “Protect Summer”, this unravels in an interesting way as Summer keeps telling the ship to not kill and the ship finds new ways to protect summer. Even teasing Police with their lost loved ones and achieving world peace.



5. Eyehole Man

In the sequel to one of season 1 best episodes we see the gang gather around the interdimensional television. I could do another top 10 in the best interdimensional programs alone but Eyehole Man takes the cake. The opening bit is funny enough and takes an odd turn but it’s after that Rick reveals that if you ever try to eat Eyeholes he really shows up and beats the crap out of you. After the credits we see Jerry rooting through Ricks cabinet and get into his coveted Eyeholes, sure enough Eyehole Man shows up and starts beating on Jerry.



4. Photography Raptor

His time was brief but in what was my favorite episode of season 2 we see a parasite that creates false memories in your head. This means a host of characters pop up that the family has amazing loving memories with, dear friends that they can’t imagine living without. By far the most hilarious was Photography Raptor and the way he is introduced cracks me up every time. His time was brief but his impression is everlasting.



3. Beth and Jerry’s Marriage Retreat

It’s feels time, our top three are hilariously tragic and touching moments that this series delivers unlike anything else. When in an attempt to save their marriage Jerry and Beth head to a marriage retreat planet and engage in an exercise that shows visually what the other thinks of the other. This results in Jerry being a defenseless slug and Beth a vicious monstrous Alien creature. Usually when put together the couple’s visions of each other destroy each other, not Beth and Jerry, the two work together to take over the planet and plot to take over the universe. As the two realize their visions of each other are rooted in their greatest strengths they use the machine to use their new images of each other to beat the old. This plays out in a sweet and hilarious scene and shows the constantly changing feelings in a marriage, but the commitment at the end of the day is what makes it special.



2. Mr. Poopybutthole

To go back to my favorite episode where the parasites create false memories on of the families favorite friends is Mr. Poopybutthole. Even though we remember him from season 1 the episode drops hint after hint that Mr. PB is a parasite. Finally the gang realizes they have no bad memories of these friends and they must be parasites. With all the parasites gone (even you Pencilvester) the family is reminiscing when Beth inexplicitly shoots Mr. PB. Only problem is he is not a parasite, as he bleeds out the family rushes to his aide. To close the episode Mr. Poopybutthole apologizes to Beth that she doesn’t have any bad memories of him. It’s tragic and absolutely hilarious, thank God in the finale we see Mr. Poopybutthole is recovering fine.



1. Rick Loves His Family

The show and Ricks character do their best to paint Rick as the smartest man in the room that see’s himself beyond the need for love or family. He is only in the game for what he can get as the family waits for him to disappear again. While not a monster he is depicted as an out for himself narcissist. In this season we see two distinct moments that show he not only loves his family but is willing to sacrifice himself for them. In episode one as Rick and Morty fall through time with one necklace to get out Rick slaps it on Morty and sends him back, as he falls to his end he closes his eyes and says, “I’m ok with this.” Of course he lucks out and finds the other necklace but for that time he was ready to give it all away.

In the finale Rick again sacrifices everything. As he has been on the run from the Federation for most of the series. It finally comes to a head and forces his family away from Earth and on the run. After overhearing the family make the decision to stand with him no matter what, Rick does the unthinkable and turns himself in in exchange for his families freedom. The only thing Rick loves more than his life is his freedom. Like the Doctor his ability to see the vastness of the universe and all its uniqueness fuels his want for the freedom to see it all. You could assume giving up his life is almost easier than his freedom. The season ends with Rick imprisoned and us all waiting a “Very long time” for season 3.

We never get to see the family make the realization just what Rick gave up for them and I can’t wait to see what they do to attempt a break out, but this moment changes the entire dynamic of the series and how the family beyond just Morty views Rick and his motivations. It’s a strong moment that changes the series and pulls at your heart strings, and even still while making the call to the Feds Rick sneaks a jab in at Jerry that completes the moment with hilarity.



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