Top 5 Matches to be Contested Inside Hell in a Cell

Posted October 24, 2014 by Ryan Campbell in Nerdy Bits

With WWE presenting its annual PPV Hell in a Cell this Sunday we thought we would take a look back at the top 5 matches to ever be contested in “the devils playground”.

5. The Undertaker vs. Edge – Summerslam 2008
This match makes the list because it really broke some new ground in the match. The Undertaker by this time had been in numerous HIAC matches and had pretty much done it all. By injecting Edge in the match we saw more from his brand of tables and all other means of pain. In the match Edge spears Taker through the wall of the cell which opened up numerous possibilities to introduce elements and spots we normally wouldn’t see in a Cell match. It wasn’t the most important match for either mans’ careers and it didn’t stand out as a benchmark moment in the era but it was extremely entertaining and broke the mold of what we expected from a cell match at the time.

4. HHH vs. Shawn Michaels – Bad Blood 2004
WWE had just about worn out HHH and HBK by now, after HBK returned in 2002 it seemed every time we turned around he was in a match with HHH. The two had excellent matches and the drama practically wrote itself but the image of seeing them two fight each other had somewhat worn off. Still when the two stepped inside the cell the stakes felt big and the “bad blood” between them still seemed strong. And Blood was the accurate term as in a time in the early 2000’s when guys bleed buckets I’m not sure anyone got more color than these two.

3. The Undertaker vs. HHH – Wrestlemania XXIX
This match makes the list based on drama and story alone, the last outlaws in one last battle was written all over this match. Throw in HBK as the referee and a one of kind match never before seen at Wrestlemania and you get pretty high on the list. At first glance it became obvious HBK would be firmly in Hunters corner but as the weeks went by they did an excellent job of sewing the seed in your mind that maybe Shawn didn’t want to see HHH succeed at what he couldn’t do in two tries. Throw in the first headshot with a chair in years and you got a memorable match. It also presented an amazing moment seeing Trips, Taker and Shawn standing together at the top of the stage one last time.

2. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels – Badd Blood 1997
To find one of the greatest Hell in a Cell matches ever we need only go back to the first one. Undertaker and HBK literally did everything you could do with the cell. The cell fit the match perfectly as it represented no escape and no help for HBK. In the revisionist history everyone loved DX and thought they were so cool. In reality at this time the WWF Universe wanted nothing more than to see HBK systematically destroyed. The match was sold with the understanding that HBK would get his. Before you know it camera men are getting knocked out, they are escaping the cell, climbing on top and performing giant back body drops from the top of the cage, the blood dripping through the cage onto the camera in the cell. Then to top it all off the Undertaker stomps on Shawn’s hands forcing him to fall through the announce table. Any one of those things alone would have made this match memorable but they pulled out all the stops. Finally this match gave us the debut of Kane. This would by far be the single greatest Hell in a Cell match if it was not for Mama Foleys baby boy.

1. Mankind vs. The Undertaker – King of the Ring 1998
What can I say about this match that hasn’t already been said? It means so much in the grand scheme, it helped launch Mick Foleys career into the stratosphere and showed fans just what this man was willing to give (and take) for the business that he loved. The tacks, the tooth in the nose, the fall it all conjures instant images in our minds of a match that defined a man and in some instances an entire era. What would come to be known as the attitude era was born on this night, the beginning to the tide turning in the Monday Night Wars can somewhat be attributed to this night. There are stories of the guys in the WCW locker room watching this match and turning to each other and saying “that’s it boys we can’t go there.” Stories of Vince going up to Mick and thanking him for what he did for him personally and his company then telling him to never do anything like that again. We all watched Mankind get close to the edge of that cage and tell ourselves “He won’t go off….” and then stand there completely silent as a man fell all the way to the floor as JR delivered one of the most famous calls in sports entertainment history. I eagerly wait for the day when Undertaker retires and can tell the story of the match from his point of view the man was in 12 Hell in a Cell matches and is all over this list. As much as this match was about Mankind the entire Cell itself will forever be linked to Undertaker himself.

So there you have it, this Sunday night two more Hell in a Cell matches will be added to the history when John Cena and Randy Orton meet in the structure and two more superstars will join the fraternity of men who have given their bodies up to the cell when Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose make us all forget that Brock Lesner is the champ and not on this show.

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