Top E3 Moments That Made Us Cringe

Posted June 17, 2015 by Ryan Campbell in Video Games

The only thing better than remembering fond memories of earth-shattering moments from E3’s past? Remembering the most awkward moments of E3’s past! There is a Hall of Fame of flubs and fails in the atrium of the Los Angeles Convention Center, and we’re gonna take some time to point out the moments from this year’s E3 that will forever make us cringe in awkwardness.

Full disclosure: I have mad respect for everyone on this list. God knows their failures will forever out match my victories. This is all in good fun.

Reggie Sucks at Smash

We all love Reggie. Since he informed us all of the status of his body’s preparedness, we have look forward to this walking, talking breathe of fresh air each year. However, this year at The Nintendo World Championships a few days before E3, Reggie bit off a little more than he could chew at Super Smash Brother’s 4.

Pele is a Hugger

EA hyped a Sports Legend for their E3 Press conference, and they delivered with Pele. The problem was they let him talk for seven minutes! Included was him taking shots at American Football and getting more hugs than your grandpa when you visit him in the nursing home for the first time in 10 years.

Awkward Amiibo Girl

In a moment many probably missed shortly after Microsoft’s E3 conference, Geoff Keighley had a girl from Nintendo on their live set to demo some Amiibos. It got pretty awkward, between the “relaxed” demeanor of the presenter, the sexual innuendo, and the cool-gamer-girl vibe she was giving off, it turns on its head fast. Geoff really seems to have no idea how to deal with her about half way in. Scrub to the 33:30 mark to enjoy the fun.


Five Years from now, all you will need to say when discussing E3 awkwardness is “Minions,” and everyone will know what you’re referencing. In an EA Press Conference that was front and back loaded with great moments, the middle was some of the worst we’ve seen in E3 history, topped off with the Minions mobile reveal. First off, we have so much going on here: It’s casual, it’s mobile, it’s licensed, it’s ugly, and it isn’t Star Wars. Secondly, if this dude’s friends are so mad at him, why are we to believe they would jump at the chance to go gather coconuts for him? I mean, come on! (I may be over thinking this.) Unfortunately, the clip stops before we get to the crickets response from the crowd.

That Poor Nervous Indie Dev

Unravel was a pleasant surprise at E3, and many were enamored by the art design and vision of the game. So in comes Creative Director Martin Shalin! He told us he was so excited to be at E3 and share his game. He was noticeably nervous (as any of us would be), but then the camera does him the disservice of zooming in on his hands as he’s holding the yarn doll he created when designing Unravel. They are furiously shaking as he talks about playing in the woods, and it was awkward to watch. However, it is entirely possible that his honesty and innocent nature may have helped sell the similar nature of his game. If E3 has taught us anything, it is that we love our nervous indie devs (looking at you Sean Murray).

Uncharted Controller Issues

So close, you were so close Sony! You almost made it through a whole presentation without a “Wonderbook,” “Giant Enemy Crab,” or “RIDDDDDGE RACERRRRR” moment. In the Cringe E3 Hall of Fame, Sony has it’s own wing, and as the Sony die-hard that I am, I wanted so bad to leave them of the list. But then we got to Uncharted 4. Though tame in comparison to past years, needing to start the demo over in order to get Drake to move at all is still a flub. It could have been much worse, sure, but in the interest of fairness, it had to make the list. Start at the 1:21 mark to check it out.

NBA Live Belly Rub

You could argue everything about NBA Live was cringe inducing, but I get it, different strokes. However, when they attempted to demo the face scanning app, it got pretty awkward. Between the emphasis on “Fresh” and the belly patting, the least awkward thing was the outdated shoes and gliding, mutant Russel Westbrook.

Just Dance

Is it fair to say Just Dance always provides plenty of squinted, eye cringing at E3? It’s just not the place, no matter how many pretty extras you throw on stage and have dance around in neon clothing to tunes many in the audience actively avoid. Throw in a live musical performance (ALWAYS a no no), and you have Just Dance’s E3 2015 moment. Scrub to an hour in to relive the anguish.

Xbox Elite Controller

Okay so this thing is actually pretty slick, but the more I think about, it the more I cringe, mainly because I can close my eyes and see a future where anyone who is killed by another player in any game ever will yell, “They must have an elite controller.” Xbox just went and took the gray area that is modded controllers and legitimized it.

Then they announced the price of $150, and I cringed again.

Square, Just Square

Oh Square, you actually had some great stuff to show, Deus Ex, Hitman, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, yet somehow you still made your conference one of the most awkward hours in E3 history. Presenters not sure if they should leave the podium or stay, a translator that didn’t seem to have a script, the same trailers we just saw, and this guy:


Also, an awkward Kingdom Hearts tease that had one guy in the crowd prematurely yell “Yea!”


Keep it up Square you’re doing the Lords work.


So that just about puts a bow on this E3’s round of conference cringes. If I missed any big ones let me know, and stay tuned to We the Nerdy as we continue to deliver content following all of E3.

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