Top Ten Marvel Cinematic Universe Moments

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with incredible straight out of the panel moments. And it’s tough to narrow them all down, but certain ones stick out in our mind as scenes I will never forget. Of course, I can’t fit every single one on this list otherwise it wouldn’t be a list. But these are some of the moments throughout the MCU that made us Cheer, Laugh, and look on in horror as earth’s mightiest faced their toughest challenges. This list will include every Marvel Studio’s Movie and all TV shows associated with that universe. Please feel free to comment your favorite moments below. Spoilers will follow…




10. Agents of Shield

One of the many things that turned around last years Agents of SHIELD was the reveal that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD many years ago, and that led our group of agents to the discovery of a particular alien race that brought both Coulson and Skye back from the brink of death. The Kree are a large part of the comic book lore surrounding our favorite heroes. This moment was also one of the first times viewers got to see the TV show take a front seat on a reveal. Instead of the movies explaining and influencing the show, the show has brought this new wrinkle into this bigger world. And the show continues that trend with things like the Inhumans.



9. Daredevil

Talk about setting a tone. Before this grizzly moment, we are lead to believe that Wilson Fisk is a somewhat odd but well meaning guy. He wants to make his city better, and he just wants to have an excellent dinner with a pretty lady, god forbid you interrupt him. Daredevil in general set a very new standard for the Marvel universe and this sequence certainly set it apart from anything else they have done. And even if you could see the outcome of this poor Russian coming. You certainly didn’t think it would end this way or take that long. I mean seriously its a really long scene of a person getting his head crushed by a car door until it not longer resembles a head.



8. Winter Solider

The Biggest thing to impact the MCU since the first Iron Man was watching Nick Furry get shot, and Hydra take over. For an organization that prides itself on knowing what you aren’t supposed to know they were certainly caught with their pants down. And Hydra along with the Winter Solider indeed toke advantage of the situation. The remnants of SHIELD crumbling have affected things from Agents of SHIELD all the way to Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Not only Did this moment shake up the MCU it also showed how flawed and vulnerable this shady spy network is.



7. Daredevil

Wilson Fisk slamming a car door on a man’s head until its strawberry juice shows what kind of person he is and this scene shows what kind of person Matt Murdoch is, he will do anything to find justice. And bringing this little boy back to his father is first on his list. But other than why he’s doing it is the way this scene is shot. All in one long take that showcases both the punishment he takes and also the punishment he gives out to criminals. Being a hero is one thing but being an average guy is a whole other thing on top of that.



6. Avengers

What could be better than a long sequence watching our heroes fight off an alien invasion punctuated with Hulk Punching Thor in the face? –Five more moments apparently– The Avengers capitalized on that feeling you had never seen all these heroes in one place. And watching them punch stuff is even better. Nothing can capture that moment again, but it’s certainly fun to watch it over and over again.



5. Winter Solider

Watching Cap beat up Hydra agents is why we go to the movies. But watching him do it with one arm tied behind his back in a tight space knowing that if he fails all of Hydra wins is another thing. It’s an ordinary scene that starts to get more and more tense as people enter the elevator and once you and Cap realize what’s going on you begin to visualize in your head all the ways he’s going to destroy these guys. Even the men and women in control of the elevator can’t stop this super soldier he lives for days like this. And the punctuation of him kicking his shield to his hands is an excellent button.



4. Iron Man

It still amazes me that Iron Man got made into a movie, of course, everything after that set the tone but still. It’s a pretty significant achievement to put so much on one character’s shoulders. And the first time you see that character spread his wings was fighting back against those who stole his weapons. From the scene of him blowing up a tank and strolling away to taking out 20 some soldiers in a matter of minutes, it was the birth of the universe that we now expect so much from. And, to be honest, it’s probably still my favorite armor Mr. Stark has worn throughout his many appearances.



3. Age of Ultron

Joss Whedon spent a sizable portion of Age of Ultron making up for Hawkeye’s Absence in the first Avengers. And Certainly the highlight for him and maybe the movie was his speech to a terrified Scarlet Witch. “the city is flying, we’re fighting an army of robots, and I have a bow and arrow. None of this makes any sense.” but what he said after that really tied things together for her and for why he’s on this team in the first place. He’s the human element. “I’m going out there because it’s my job,–If you walk out that door you are an Avenger.” it’s a great moment and a very well written speech to give to an underused character.



2. Guardians of the Galaxy

A speech to rally all losers and misfits. From a movie that had zero expectations and knew it, Came a rousing speech that got everybody from talking tree to genetically modified assassins on their feet. Marvel knew that this was a risky endeavor to take, but it paid off in so many beautiful ways. A wonderful science fiction adventure that you’re sad to see the end. But that final showdown starts with the Speech by Star-Lord that they will probably die, and no one will care if they do, but they need to try at least and stop Ronin. And when the scene ends with everyone on their feet willing to die to save the galaxy you can’t help but feel pure excitement for what’s about to come.

Honorable mentions:

Bucky Pulling Cap from the Water (Winter Solider.)

Agent Carter Dumping Steve Roger’s Blood into the Hudson (Agent Carter)

HulkBuster Vs.Hulk (Age of Ultron)

Daredevil Vs. Nobu (Daredevil)

Skye evolving into an inhuman (Agents of Shield)

Nick Fury talking to Tony stark for the first time (Iron Man)

Thor Vs. Iron Man Vs. CaptainAmerica (Avengers)



1. Avengers

Very few times in movie theaters do I squeal like a little girl. I can count all those times on one hand. And this moment was certainly one. Just as Ironman is trying to decide what to do with this giant Worm thing he sends it Bruce Banner’s way, and Cap gives him and order. “Now might be a really good time to get angry.” and Bruce has one response “That’s my secret Cap, I’m Always angry.” then BOOM! That giant worm thing gets punched right in its face. And it doesn’t stop there. As the alien worm falls flat, the Avengers assemble in a circle with one of the now iconic score, Nu’ff Said.

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