Transmetropolitan Writer Warren Ellis is working on the Castlevania TV Show for Netflix

Posted February 8, 2017 by Adeem Khan in Comic Books

As Netflix announces it’s upcoming slate of original programming today, one announcement should get both comic book geeks and video game nerds excited.

Producer Adi Shankar announced today that he is working on a animated adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game Castlevania. He also announced that the series has already been ordered for two seasons, the first in 2017 and the next in 2018.

The other bit of tantalizing news revealed is that the writer of the show is none other than legendary comic book writer Warren Ellis. Ellis is known for his works on Transmetropolitan, Planetary, and other renowned series.



Interestingly enough, Warren Ellis announced he was working on Castlevania back in 2006. Back then it was an animated film instead of a series and was being created by Project 51 Productions.

The movie even had it’s own blog and pieces of concept art was posted.  The last post on the blog was in 2008 titled “Not Dead”.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Warren delivered the revised draft of the script in early June. It has generated inquiries from some interested in releasing Castlevania as an animated feature film instead of a direct to DVD. Discussions are ongoing.

After that, all mention of the film ceased until back in 2015 Adi Shankar announced he was developing a mini-series based on Castlevania.

It seems the series has been in development hell for a long time. Thankfully for fans, they won’t have to wait for much longer.

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