True Blood, Episodes 3+4 Review

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A lot has happened in the last two episodes of True Blood, and it’s taken a while to let it all sink in. In the third episode of the season, “Fire in the Hole” the town of Bon Temps is banding together to fight all of the supers, Sookie hatches another one of her marvelous plans, and we start to see a whole lot more of Eric and Pam’s past.

The civilians of Bon Temps are continuing their rampage, and it seems all of the supers in town are running into them as they are patrolling town borders. Sam is forced to turn into an owl and fly away after they kill his vampire protector, and as they shoot at him in the sky, we know there is no claiming any of those civilians for the “good” side anymore.

truebloodsamep3Later, Andy, Jessica, Jason, and Violet run into the mob and it continues to get bloody, with Maxine shooting Jessica in the arm after accusing her of ripping poor Hoyt’s heart out, and threatens to shoot Jason as well. As soon as the bullet hits Jessica, Violet becomes her unlikely hero and rips Maxine’s heart out. Good riddance, Maxine, you were maybe one of the most obnoxious characters ever.

This means the only person we recognize in the mob (besides the newly introduced Vince) is Kenya, who is getting riled into all sorts of racial tension that maybe wasn’t actually there before. Kenya’s friend is repeatedly telling her that the reason Andy doesn’t promote her is because she’s black and he’s white. Race has never really been a big “issue” in the show, with Tara and Lafayette always willing to call people out on their prejudices. While Kenya and her friend may be one hundred percent correct in their assumptions about Andy’s treatment of Kenya, its causing both of them to make pretty terrible decisions, and the mob’s not going to survive much longer.

Meanwhile, Pam has found Eric and together, they remember their first encounter with the authority. Back in the ‘80s, Eric and Pam were living undercover in France (vampires weren’t “out” yet) and Eric gets caught up in some drama between the authority and the Japanese Corporation that created Tru Blood. The authority is supporting Tru Blood and wants Eric to comply with their wishes, which is to go back to the States, start paying taxes, report to a sheriff, and essentially stop openly feeding on his little French girlfriend where people might see him. He refuses, and when the Yakanomo Corporation finds out, they pay him a visit and give him an ultimatum: comply, or we’ll kill either Pam, or Sylvie. Eric agrees, but the Yakanomo Corporation is still looking to punish them, and Sylvie is killed.

Sookie and Bill are off hiding in the woods, waiting for the Hep V vampires to pick up Sookie’s scent and come around. This is another one of Sookie’s fantastic plans where she uses herself as bait and doesn’t think about the consequences at all. Since she had thrown her phone out a few nights before, she doesn’t know that the mob is out there and hunting down all the supers. Naturally, by the time the vampires arrive, so has the mob (toting Holly with them as a snack), and Alcide and Sam have found her as well. Alcide doesn’t have enough time to get mad, though, as he is promptly shot in the chest by one of the humans in the mob. Another one bites the dust.

In the fourth episode, “Death is Not the End,” Sookie has no real time to mourn. She starts her newest mission to kill the Hep V vampires by unlocking Holly’s memories of her capture, which had been glamoured away by the vampires before she was found. This is a painful scene to watch, but it’s interesting to me that after everything this town has been through, a vampire attack can still be so incredibly traumatic to a human, and Holly shows this. Sookie discovers that the vampires and the hostages are at Fangtasia, and they plan their attack for that evening.

Sam tries to leave earlier in the day, desperate to get to Nicole, but Jason is in the car with him and has to hold a gun to his head to convince him to turn around and head home. Jason knows that this is a fight Sam can’t win on his own, and they need all the help they can get.

In the middle of the day, Jessica is unable to sleep because of her bullet wound that isn’t healing, so James goes and tattles on her to Bill. Shortly after, Sookie shows up and joins the intervention, telling Jessica that if she wants to be helpful at all, she better shape up and feed. Bill tries to round up a group of vampires to help Sookie, but the group is small and outnumbered, even after Pam and Eric come knocking on the door.

Then, we get more ‘80s flashbacks and we see how Eric and Pam came to own a video store with a vast pornographic collection in the basement, how they came to find Ginger (an over-excited college film class enthusiast), and years later, how Ginger came up with the idea to turn the store into a vampire bar that served Tru Blood, since vampires were newly out in the open. Pam likes the idea, glamours Ginger to think it was Pam’s idea, and then skips off to tell Eric. This is the fun, light-hearted part of the episode.

truebloodep4The group gets to Fangtasia and Sam turns into a rat to check the secret back entrance which conveniently leads to the dungeon where the three remaining hostages are being kept. In the time that it takes Sam to get back and tell the group and Bill to sneak in, Arlene is taken upstairs and the Hep V vampires begin feeding on her. Eric comes around to the front with Sookie, knocking on the door and telling them he is infected and has a human to share. When they let them in, Eric turns on them and as the fight begins, the civilian mob shows up and starts throwing Molotov cocktails into the bar.

All hell breaks loose, and like most True Blood episodes, we don’t really know who is dead until the smoke has cleared and the fighting has stopped. Arlene is dying in Sookie’s arms as she demands someone bring her a healthy vampire. While she is waiting, Sookie reads Arlene’s mind and knows she’s not only going towards the light, but that Terry is there waiting for her. When a vampire finally comes, Terry tells her to stay with the kids for a while longer, and she is healed. All of the Hep V vampires in this particular nest have been killed, along with most, if not all, of the civilian mob. For once, all of our vampires and hostages come out all right.

True Blood is going nuts with this last season. While all of these audience favorite characters are getting picked off one after another, the producers are spending a lot of screen time bringing back minor characters we haven’t seen. In Los Angeles, Sara Newlin is taking yoga classes from a guru before the Yakanomo Corporation finds her. Sara is also Eric’s inspiration to keep fighting for his life; he just wants to kill her that badly.

In the beginning of episode four, Jason calls Hoyt (who doesn’t remember Jason, which is the saddest thing that’s happened in this show. Maybe.) to tell him that Maxine was killed by a vampire. Hoyt plans to return to Bon Temps.

For a show that’s drawing to a close, the producers are spending almost as much time on back story and bringing old characters back as they are killing off people. It makes all of the episodes feel rushed, and there’s a serious lack of depth going on in other characters. Sookie has hardly mourned Tara’s death, and she really hasn’t shown much of a reaction to Alcide’s death either. Pam only mentioned she felt that Tara met the true death, but we don’t see her reaction or know if that makes her feel bad in any way.

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