True Blood Season 7, Episode 5 Review: Lost Cause

Posted July 25, 2014 by Chad Waller in Nerdy Bits

Editor’s Note: Kristina Poffinroth was unable to review this due to a nasty storm in her area. You’re stuck with me.

Season 7 of True Blood thus far has been a meandering mess with no true focus. Our friendly cast of vampires, werewolves (oh wait, he’s dead now), fairies, and regular humans have just been moving from area to area in a story with no real escalation. Episode 4 ended on a high note, but it also ended the only plot Season 7 has managed to give us.

We are now back to square one.

With Season 7’s first mini climax out of the way, our Ben Temps cast is finally ready to reflect on what has happened: Friends and family are dead, and the state of vampires as citizens is still tentative at best. Sookie wants nothing more than to grieve, and it seems like everyone holds similar wishes.

Lafayette decides the best way for Ben Temps to mourn all that’s happened is to have a massive, drunken party to say, “Fuck you to Death.” The entire town needs to blow of steam, and getting drunk and toasting loved ones seems to be the easiest solution to do that. Sookie is opposed to the idea, but there’s little she can do as the party is being held in her own home.

Terry’s funeral was probably the strongest episode in Season 6. It showcased spectacular writing, managed to tug at some heartstrings, and allowed the actors to actually act. It was a sad, strong episode that did a good job of putting the horrors of death in the viewer’s face, a different approach to the extravagant, bloody killing sprees of True Blood’s action sequences.

Season 7’s mourning episode doesn’t do any of that. Alcide and other loved ones are mentioned, and glasses are raised in their honor, but other than one good conversation between Sookie and Arlene, Episode 5 only serves to act as a shallow, frat-house style party.

James cheats on Jessica with Lafayette—something we’ve all seen coming for quite some time now—and then Jason cheats on Violet. The former means little, though the latter sequence does hold promise as Violet is anything but sane. I can’t imagine Violet simply leaving Jason alone after such a transgression.

Meanwhile Lettie Mae shows up at the party after drugging her husband. She manages to avoid alcohol, but then she stabs Willa while screaming that, no, she isn’t crazy. The scene doesn’t know if it should be funny or tense, and so it fails at doing either. When it comes to side stories, Lettie Mae’s is simply dreadful, and I’m sick of it.

One thing I did like about the party was Andy’s proposal to Holly. That scene managed to both be funny and just the right amount of sweet too.

On the Pam and Eric front, the two moved off to Dallas in their quest for vengeance. They both dressed up as rich republicans and attended some kind of political gathering, and the whole thing was quite delightful. However, as luck would have it, the Yakuza showed up to ruin everyone’s day.

For a show with vampires, werewolves, and fairies, I find it strange that the introduction of Yakuza gang members makes me question the reality of everything. True Blood spent its energy introducing anything and everything early on, and now the writers are grasping for straws at what to do next. The witches of past seasons at least made sense, but these Yakuza just feel lazy. I could only shake my head and mutter, “Of course they are” in a condescending tone as they went about killing everyone at the party.

The highlights of the episode were Bill’s flashbacks, which really helped humanize this long-standing vampire as something more than the monster he is. I enjoyed really getting into his head. It’s a nice contrast to his Godhood of Season 6.

The episode ends with Bill finding out he has Hep V, which is interesting, though not enough to drive the rest of the season forward. At this rate, Season 7 will continue to meander until it simply fizzles out.

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