True Blood Season 7, Episode 6 “Karma” Review

Posted July 31, 2014 by Kristina Poffenroth in Nerdy Bits

True Blood. I don’t know what to think about you anymore. The twists and turns this final season is taking are losing me. This season has felt pretty anti-climactic, despite all of the high-profile character deaths we’ve seen. It seems like the town of Bon Temps has been so disillusioned, they can’t even be bothered to mourn the dead.

This episode picks up where Eric and Pam left off, with Erik drearily battling the Yakuza until he sees Pam has been captured. After this, True Blood’s producers tried to see how many Japanese stereotypes they could fit into one scene, and we are transported to the set of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. For reasons that nobody understands yet, the Yakuza are after Sarah Newlin, and they threaten Eric and Pam until the two agree to help them.

Meanwhile, Jessica returns home to overhear Bill calling a lawyer to arrange his will because he has been infected with Hep V, and we learn later that Sookie is the one who infected him. At this point, Bill getting Hep V doesn’t feel exciting or dramatic, but it left me wondering if they’re going to kill all of the main characters, or somehow save both Eric and Bill.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I really didn’t have to wonder long, because this episode reveals that Sarah Newlin’s blood is, in fact, the cure for Hep V. While she was helping the scientists create the virus, she also helped them create the antidote, and then drank it herself. Bringing Sarah’s character back to be the antidote is a cop-out at best, but the writers have shown many times this season that they’re not really looking for a fun and exciting way to wrap the series up.

One plus side of Bill contracting Hep V is that we get to see more of the bad ass, ill-tempered Bill Compton that we all love so much. While waiting in the lawyer’s office, he discovers that the Hep V is progressing rapidly, as in he can see the black veins creeping down his arm while he is sitting there listening to the lawyer spew out her bureaucratic crap. He gets fed up and stabs her with a letter opener, and takes out a vampire with a pencil on his way out. This was definitely the highlight of the episode, and it might make up for the high number of unnecessary Civil War flashbacks.

The rest of the show dwindled into various, rather unexciting subplots. Lafayette gets dragged in to Lettie Mae’s drama and starts hallucinating Tara with her when they both get high on James’ blood. I miss Tara, but I really think this is a rabbit hole that doesn’t need to be jumped down. She’s met the true death, and she’s not coming back (and if she does, that will be really lame), so I don’t know why they are wasting time on this. Nicole tells Sam she’s leaving, and Andy catches Adilyn and Wade having sex and freaks out.

The Adilyn and Wade love plot is cutesy, but it doesn’t really lend anything to the story until Violet catches up with them after her violent temper tantrum in reaction to Jason sleeping with Jessica. Violet creeps me out. Violet with a half-faerie in her possession creeps me out even more; it will be interesting to see where this goes.

This is one of the better episodes so far this season, but the writers still aren’t making it happen for me. What do you think? Will the entire Bill-Sookie-Eric love triangle survive, or is Bill’s Hep V going to kill him before Eric even finds out he’s infected? I think Eric is going to make it, since he’s already hot on Sarah’s trail, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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