Two More Trailers Are Up For Hitman’s Season Finale

Posted October 31, 2016 by John Newby in Video Games

Two more days, and two more trailers.

IO-Interactive is continuing the week-long Hitman celebration by releasing two more trailers. Thursday’s trailer was focused on the bazaars of Marrakesh, while Friday’s trailer showcased a luxurious resort in Bangkok.

Like Sapienza, Marrakesh was a larger city with gigantic crowds and multiple outfits to steal. However, this Turkish destination was very different in that a gigantic bazaar took up most of the environment. And everything that wasn’t covered by rug shops and food carts was filled to capacity with rioting civilians.

As the trailer briefly shows, Marrakesh had two targets in the form of a vicious general and a corrupt banker. Both were in opposite ends of the level but were equally difficult to reach because of mass security and checkpoints. Luckily, 47 had some pretty entertaining methods of assassination, including one that featured dropping a toilet on the target’s head. Very Boondock Saints-ish.

Unlike the other Hitman levels, Bangkok was a much smaller environment that often seemed empty at times. However, further exploration actually revealed that this luxury resort actually had more options than Marrakesh. You just needed to spend about 30 minutes exploring before taking on the targets. The best part about Club 27 (the Bangkok level) was the option to make Agent 47 play the drums. Who knew that this ultimate assassin was also better at drums than Ringo Starr (Andy Hurley for you young’ins.)?

Hitman‘s celebration continues Saturday with a trailer about Colorado before wrapping up on Sunday with Japan. The actual season finale hits digital shelves on October 31st.

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