Venom: First Host #1 Review

Posted August 29, 2018 by Kyle Simcox in Nerdy Bits

Written By: Mike Costa

Art By: Mark Bagley

Published By: Marvel Comics

Venom. His first “appearance” in the Marvel universe was when Spider-Man donned the symbiotic alien suit back in 1984. The two didn’t exactly hit it off and Spider-Man eventually cast the symbiote aside. By 1988 though, we had our first glimpse of Eddie Brock as Venom. While Venom has had a pretty wide variety of hosts since then, Eddie has always been THE Host(beating Flash Thompson by a half a hair). We’re well into Venom’s 30th anniversary and Marvel has massively expanded on the symbiote’s background this year alone. Venom: First Host is yet another glimpse into the symbiote’s increasingly convoluted history.

In Venom: First Host, we start off on the Klyntar home planet(the symbiote’s species) and then quickly whisked away to a battle set during the Kree/Skrull where we see a Kree host defend a civilian ship from the Skrulls. It’s not before we’re brought back into the present day and back to Eddie Brock and the rest of the comic is uneventful from there. The biggest reveal is in the name as we once again, learn that the Venom symbiote had a host before Spider-Man and even before Deadpool(see Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars) otherwise there isn’t much going for this new tale in a seemingly long line of Venom hosts.

As far as art is concerned, it’s enough to get by on. Venom is always cool to look at and the rest of the detailing makes it feel more like an older comic book which helps it stand out just a tad more but the book isn’t that impressive otherwise. The coolest bit honestly is seeing another iteration of the symbiote with it’s former host.

It’s always nice to see a character’s past become more fleshed out but there isn’t much to be said about this new chapter honestly. While I am excited to learn more about Venom’s history and believe that the story will get more interesting as we learn more about Venom’s previous host this first issue is off to a slow start and feels like an unnecessary entry into Venom’s 30 year long history. Hopefully, the next 4 issues manage to turn up the heat as we delve deeper into the mystery of Venom’s first host.

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