Vinnie Jones is Joining Arrow as Brick

Posted October 22, 2014 by John Newby in Nerdy Bits

We have gotten some more casting information about Arrow, and boy is it exciting.

British actor/former soccer star Vinnie Jones will be joining Arrow as the gang leader Daniel “Brick” Brickwell.  Brick was originally hinted at during season 1 of Arrow when his name appeared on Oliver Queen’s list of names, and we have been waiting for an appearance ever since. Thankfully, Brick will be making an appearance during a three episode arc over episodes 11, 12, and 13.

Vinnie Jones is most well-known for his seemingly invincible characters from Gone in 60 Seconds and Snatch, so he will fit perfectly as Brick (who also is known for being invincible). Our only question is whether or not Brick will have an accent. I’m going to go ahead and assume that he will.


Look, It only made sense that Brick would make an appearance once Arsenal showed up as Oliver’s sidekick because he also spent time helping Brick “clean up” the ghetto. Now, the triangle of characters will be complete once Red Hood makes an appearance. Obviously, no information has been released yet, but it makes sense that the Red Hood would show up after he teamed up with both Brick and Arsenal in the comics.

For those keeping score (me), We the Nerdy has now correctly predicted two character reveals during season 3. To see the full list, check out our article from May. We could be looking at a third if Nightwing shows up at some point, which seems likely based solely on the fact that Bludhaven is repeatedly shown or mentioned during Arrow’s episodes. The latest episode “Sara” mentioned Bludhaven once again in a pivotal scene.

So, are you as positively giddy as we are about the announcement? Vinnie Jones is an entertaining actor, and we can’t wait to see him repeatedly fighting the Arrow.

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