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Posted August 11, 2016 by Bryan Huth in Movies

Spoiler Free Review:

As the blockbuster movie season that is summertime draws to a close, Warner Brothers’ Studios delivers up its newest entry into the fray. As many of you know, Warner Brothers’  and DC Entertainment both hope to hit a critical and financial grand slam with this new and experimental entry into the budding super hero genre after the both controversial and lack luster performance of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So how did the film stack up?


Director David Ayer speaking with Will Smith on set  source: Collider.com

Right out of the gate Suicide Squad had a lot going for it with the talented David Ayer tacked on to write and direct the film. Following that up with an all-star cast including Will Smith’s Deadshot, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller and the long awaited cinematic return of the Joker under the experienced hands of Jared Leto, Suicide Squad really looked like a game-changer and the answer to WB’s prayers.

Long story short, Suicide Squad didn’t prove to be the savior that Warner Brothers’ was hoping for, but it was certainly a step in the right direction. Moving away from the gritty and brooding world of Zack Snyder’s Batman v SupermanSuicide Squad gave a setting that felt both a part of the established BvS world and one all its own by dressing the dark world in a sheen of ultra-violet colors and neon lights. Coupled with a dark sense of humor and a reminder to not take itself too seriously, Suicide Squad gives us a fun two hours of some of our favorite rag-tag DC villains reluctantly coming together to take down yet another attempt to destroy the world, and revealing
a surprising emotional core to the film with some short appearances by Ben Affleck’s Batman and another future Justice League member.

However that doesn’t go without saying that the film has its flaws. Some of the characters get the short end of the stick and are left less developed than others, most notably the Joker as he serves a much different role than the trailers led us to believe, but more on that later. The film is also plagued by constant tonal shifts that to most will seem jarring and out of place, however the filmmakers may have had a more complex intention behind them, yet the execution could have been done better. The film also seemed to pick favorites as you find yourself not completely caring for each main character and ultimately just enjoying the film for brief moments of stylized action.

In the end these flaws don’t completely detract from the fun time the film serves up and you walk out of the theater not saying it was the greatest film, but also enjoying what you saw. Smith, Robbie, and Davis all served to be the stand-out performers as they delivered interpretations that both felt modern and comic-accurate, while Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang and Jay Hernandez’ El Diablo stood out as the surprise comic relief and fan favorite, respectively.

Leto’s Joker did not disappoint as he gave a performance that was spot-on to some of the more recent comic adaptations, yet different from Heath Ledger’s famed performance in 2007’s Dark Knight, which could leave some fans disappointed. The biggest problem with his performance in the film was that was simply not enough of him. Despite how the marketing strategy painted him up to be, Joker was not the main villain of the film but yet a side character. While having him serve a lesser role is not necessarily a bad thing, his build up to the release of the film left the viewer feeling a bit cheated, yet wanting more as there is no way to accurately gauge Leto’s performance, because there wasn’t enough material.


The NEW clown prince of crime. Source: Collider.com

All in all Suicide Squad is well worth the ticket price. While many critics may pan it for its structural flaws, at the end of the day the film is fun ensamble superhero film that will really change the way film studios look at the superhero industry.

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