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Posted August 22, 2014 by Andrew Semicek in Nerdy Bits

We The Nerdy is all about their fans and community and as a way to say thanks and to give back we will be doing profiles of the talent that you our readers provide! If you would like us to give you a spotlight please email contactus@wethenerdy.com. 




Your name: Ashley Rose


Tell us a little about yourself: That I am awesome, my life is art and DC Comics.


What hobbies do you enjoy other than drawing? My other hobbies- reading, enjoying fantastic motion pictures(movies), and if watching Doctor Who is not considered a hobby, then cross that out.


Favorite comic book character? There are so many characters to choose from. I will list mine in order:
1) Green Lantern
2) Batman
3)The Flash and also the Rouges- mainly Captain Cold


What inspired you to begin drawing? I have always been drawing and there was a time when I honestly gave up on art. I am a big fan of comics and one day I purchased, Green Lantern-the new 52 graphic novel, “The End” which is the 3rd one. I kept reading the end over and over again, then I saw the farewell letter from Geoff Johns. That night I drew Green Lantern for the first time and I went to art school.


Favorite comic artist? Once again so many:
1) Neal Adams- Because I can not name one cover I disliked from him.
2) Jim Lee- He’s just the best today
3)Todd McFarlane- I admire his confidence and Spawn is fantastic.
4)Douglas “Doug” Mahnke -his art work inspires me everyday


Favorite comic writer? Geoff Johns and Brian Azzarello


Where can people see your stuff? You can view my art on twitter (@Aapplero5e) and also see any updates on me. So come by view my page and also you are more than welcome to chat with me.


Thanks again to Ashley for allowing us to profile her and be sure to check out her art and give it some love! 

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