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Posted April 10, 2015 by Andrew Semicek in Video Games

With the release of Blooborne now a few weeks old, I went to Facebook to ask other people who have played the game what they think of the game and if our original review score by Lazar of 95/100 was on par with theirs. Below are their reviews.


Richard Langston The satisfaction of feeling like you’re crawling out of a pit in hell is unbelievable. One of the scariest games I’ve ever played. 90 out of 100


Jordan Bear Pollock Bloodborne is a game with a steep learning curve, a curve that starts at a 89 degree angle and stays there until it clicks with your brain. After that moment the game becomes a beautifully punishing experience that does not shy away from openly trying to kill you. But if you pay attention, and be smart, you’ll find yourself triumphant. But don’t get cocky. 90/100


Jan Eckardt Pretty amazing, but it does have some design problems, for example the stupid blood vial farming and the fact that bosses don’t get any more difficult should you decide to fight them in coop. 88/100


Justin Wood Bloodborne is the first game that I have truly loved for the PS4 being partial to my Xbox one. The look and the feel of the game feels just right. It’s hard without being unfair. Once I installed a solid state hdd the loading times were not an issue. A game I have learned to love. 95/100 


Sam Young Bloodborne is like a beautiful girl that punches you in the face a few times before every kiss. It’s a gorgeous, enjoyable game that will absolutely beat your ass at first, then reward you for it by making you feel like a master once you know all its tricks. Combat is fast, fluid, and unforgiving, and despite long loading times, exploring the world is intrinsically fascinating. I’m new to the Souls series, but once I understood what the game wanted from me, I fell in love. 93/100



Ronan Fox Bloodborne is a mind-blowing experience and even though some aspects can be frustrating, the moments of triumph make up for the constant grinding for health potions, poor chalice dungeon design and overly long boss runs. Bloodborne is not quiet the masterpiece as the original Dark Souls but it does a very good job in building a world that is rich of environmental story telling, haunting enemies and amazing level design. Expect Bloodborne to haunt your nightmares as you dive deeper and deeper into its world. 92/100


Eric Gerson Bloodborne is the type of game that sticks to your ribs and stays with your long after you power down your PS4. Its combination of tight controls, entrancing atmosphere, intense challenge, and a visceral sense of accomplishment gets under your skin in the best possible way. Images of Gothic horrors and the never-ending drive to kill “just one more” will occupy your brain during all your non-gaming hours. You will find yourself going to bed late and waking up early just to play a bit more. In short, Bloodborne is a drug; Bloodborne is an addiction. But above all else, Bloodborne is a masterpiece. 95/100


Johnny Mohammed Bloodborne chewed me up and spit me out. It left me cold, wet, and in the corner crying and it was my fault. I wanted more, like man with Stockholm syndrome I began to enjoy my punishment. I learned from every death and got a little better each time. There came a point where everything just clicked. I was like Neo from The Matrix. I knew Kung fu and use my new found abilities to lay waste to any enemies that dared approached me. That is, until I got to area with harder enemies and different attack patterns. Time to be reborn again… 85/100


Then we had Derek Tigue‘s meme review:


So it seems that the overall feeling is that Bloodborne is an excellent game, not just by one person, but by many. What did you think of the game? Leave a comment below letting us know your personal score of the game!

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