We The GamerCast Episode 20: Joey Ferris

Posted March 14, 2016 by Sean Capri in Podcasts

We The GamerCast is back! In Episode 20, host Sean Capri (@seancapri) goes one-on-one with Joey Ferris (@FerrisWheelPro) from Game & Talk and Ferris Wheel Productions. The two nerds talk about Blockbuster Video, not loving The Last of Us, and guessing Metacritic scores.

Joey is all over the internet:

Writer: www.nerdreactor.com
Twitter: @FerrisWheelPro
Instagram: @FerrisWheelPro
Facebook: Facebook.com/ferriswheelpro
YouTube: YouTube.com/ferriswheelproductions
PSN: FerrisWheelPro
NNID: FerrisWheelPro
Xbox: SlapoDuty
Steam: Ferris Wheel Productions

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Episode 20 - Joey Ferris

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