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Posted July 28, 2017 by Garret Bland in Video Games

Hi Everyone,

I am going to start a different format for the gaming news. This will be a weekly format, but rather than just throwing you a bunch of news articles, trailers, and twitter posts, I’m going to handpick certain news/ editorials that I thought  was interesting, thought-provoking, or… just plain weird. I will also put a little introduction and may comment the subject at-hand.  So, without further ado, here’s our gaming news for the week.


1) PS4’s Exclusive Content for Multiplatforms Doesn’t Matter; Battlegrounds Will Help Sell Xbox One: Pachter (Source: Gamingbolt, Pramath)

Michael Pachter has been around the block or two. He is a video game and games industry analyst with Wedbush Securities. He’s been known to have many predictions for video games especially sales. I think this article title just says how it is. In an interview with GamingBolt, he clearly stated that Battlegrounds will give Xbox a huge advantage during the holidays. The big point behind it though is timed exclusivity. He thinks timed exclusive games are much more effective in sales compared to timed exclusive content like we see for Call of Duty and Destiny 2. We’ll see how this goes during the holidays. You can read more by going to the Full Article


2) Legal barrier hobbles esports in game-crazy Japan (Source: Nikkei, Sayuri Kodama)

eSports is becoming more popular with an ever expansive library of competitive gaming and incoming sponsorship from different companies. Hell, even Overwatch players can now be in a secure career because of eSports. You know where the one place that eSports isn’t thriving? Japan. There is so much potential of that business to grow especially with the amount of skill the Splatoon Japan team had from the previous E3 invitational. The struggle is behind the legal barriers behind the business. There’s an act that clearly states that cash prizes from events are aimed for selling a specific product is capped at 100,000 yen (or $895). Can’t make a business off of just that! Well, here’s to Japan hoping this business can one day get around it. Full Article for more details.


 3) No, digital isn’t cannibalizing retail – NPD (Source: gamesindustry.biz, James Brightman)

Does this come to as a surprise? Probably not. The NPD Group has been known to monitor and report video game sales on a monthly basis. Only recently, they have started to incorporate digital sales into their results. “It’s been over a year now since The NPD Group kicked off its digital games tracking service for the US.” So far, they have not seen a direct correlation of digital spending impacting the retail business at all. I’m sure this will take quite a bit of time to transition over and we might be gaming with just a chip in our brains in the far-flung future. Just know that retail is not going away anytime soon. We will still have our beloved physical collector deluxe editions that some people feel the need to attach to. I personally think digital is the way to go, but others may argue that I don’t truly own the game if it’s digital rather than physical. Whatever. It’s convenient. I can play Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 without having to keep track of a small game card. I’m just happy the digital market is growing.

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4) Can an Early Access Game Like ‘Battlegrounds’ Be Game of the Year? (Source: Waypoint, Patrick Klepek

ohhhhhhh I like this topic. There’s been a NeoGAF thread about it and now one of my favorite video game journalists has put his own two-cents. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a game that almost every PC gamer loves and it’s fun to watch! Although it’s praised by many, it’s technically not a full- game. It’s in Early Access. This is a category of games that are not all the way developed yet. There will be bugs, design choices, and mechanics that can be fixed or altered by the devs until it is recognized as a full game.

So there’s the dilemma. An Early Access that is clearly praised.. can that be a GOTY contender? There are arguments that can be made for both sides. I think the amount of time people play into this game clearly can be their best gaming experience for the year. I say.. why not? I chose the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Expansion to be my GOTY last year since it was my favorite gaming experience (This can be an entirely different argument, but my point stands). Patrick seems to agree that Battlegrounds can be GOTY.

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5) Switch Sales Are Causing Problems in Japan (Source: Kotaku, Brian Ashcraft)

Ha, if you think getting a Nintendo Switch is hard in the US or Europe, take a look at Japan. Apparently “the lines for the Nintendo Switch have been hell“. Retailers in Japan are deciding to give away Nintendo Switches in a different way… Previously, hard-to-get products would be a first come, first serve model very similar to what we have in the US. Japan has recently switched (pun intended) to a raffle-type giveaway. Each customer that wants the Switch is given a number and retailers then pick numbers at random to see which customer is able to buy it. Pretty crazy right? There’s another retailer in Japan that actually held a rock-paper-scissors tournament for Switches. I was able to get my Switch by waking up in the ass-crack of dawn and become number 4 at my local Gamestop (where they would only have 4 Switches available). It wasn’t because of luck (well some of it is…). It was because I made some personal effort to get it. If I was in Japan, I just wouldn’t even bother until they have enough supply…

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