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Posted August 21, 2017 by Garret Bland in Video Games

I’m back!! I know you guys missed me… This week was an interesting set of events even for the video game industry. Discord shuts down White Supremacy servers, shooting certain Nazis in the new Call of Duty may penalize you, and with the new Crackdown 3 being delayed, what’s going on with Microsoft and how can they rise from this exclusive dry-spell?


Discord Shuts Down White Supremacist Servers in Wake of Charlottesville Rally (Source: Kotaku, Cecilia D’Anastasio)

It was a sad sight to see this kind of activity in Charlottesville. This past week, a collective group of people raged onto University of Virginia’s campus to promote their egregious and disgusting intentions of their belief of white supremacy. I was appalled when I saw the VICE News Documentary about it. Of course these people did not just come randomly from the streets. They had communication and organization (probably most of it from the internet). Would you ever thought it could be in Discord as well? Yes, some White Supremacist groups communicated through one of the biggest chat service in gaming. Luckily, Discord shut down those servers. Of course the Altright protested in defense of “free speech”, but Discord is a private business. The Altright violated Discord’s Terms of Service with hate and prejudice. This may not hit the White Supremacy group with a serious blow, but at least we gamers are standing up against hate. Here’s the Full Article


Hideo Kojima Thanks Konami (Source: Kotaku, Brian Ashcraft)


We have seen numerous of articles condemning the tyrannical company Konami and their restrictions on Hideo Kojima and his team. In this article, it kind of flips that notion and may clear up the relationship between Kojima and Konami. Kojima says he was grateful that he had worked with a company that gave him a lot of freedom with his creativity. Of course, that gave-way to one of the most famous video game franchises ever, Metal Gear Solid. Even though Konami is tracking to a completely different route now with their Pachinko Machines, Kojima is still thankful for his time there. He would not be the man he is today and would not be creating more fantastic video games. You can find the Full Article here


Opinion: How I’d Fix Xbox’s First Party Problem (Source: IGN, Ryan McCaffrey)

With the not-so-surprising announcement of Crackdown 3‘s delay, Xbox has been in a little bit of a dry spell when it comes to exclusivity. During E3, I heard preview after preview saying “exclusive” in the beginning at Microsoft’s Press Conference and I kept responding in my head “nope. nope. timed. timed. okay that maybe an exclusive oh wait.. no”. They throw that word around like it should mean something but “exclusive” is a very loose term for Microsoft. What they really need to work on is First-Party. We have seen so many franchises just being recycled from the previous generation and I believe it is getting a bit old. Of course the Xbox-Guru over at IGN, Ryan McCaffrey, had something to say about it. He wrote down a bunch of interesting proposals that can maybe help on the exclusive train for Xbox. His Xbox First-Party knowledge is second to none, and maybe if some of these actions were put into place, Microsoft could be back on track in terms of exclusivity. For his full list of proposals, you can find the Full Article here.

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