What could Microsoft do to help improve the Xbox One?

Posted May 22, 2014 by Peter Fries in Video Games

I feel that the Xbox One has come a  long way since launch but this isn’t why I am writing this. I am writing this in part to express my thoughts in how Microsoft can improve upon a good experience that I have come to enjoy and try to make more people feel how I feel about the gaming experiences that the xbox could provide.

Exclusives come make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Granted you got your fanboys but what is so wrong about being proud of what you do. I mean I am proud of being a gamer and enjoy my console regardless of who makes it. Sure I dont want to start a console war here but I feel that the exclusives is what the gamer wants to experience most because we like this hobby no matter what. I feel that Microsoft could pick up the slack for having a lackluster response when it comes to the exclusives due to, in my opinion lack of self awareness in what the customers like me really want. I am  not here to say what is right and whats wrong but I feel once upon a time Microsoft was the king of exclusives but it slipped down hill for a while. I feel with the killing combination of exclusives Microsoft could be contender for stronger sales in the market place. I guess I am just looking at it in a business sense because that’s my background but there is hope.

Granted games like Titanfall, Halo, Dead Rising and Forza, all to me make the xbox shine but too me all feel old.I know, I know Titanfall came out this year but too me it just feels like the same old Call of Duty or Halo Maultiplayer I have came accustomed too. I was really hoping for something fresh that grabbed me and Titanfall didnt do that for me. I just think at E3 Microsoft should come out guns blazing and make us as gamers fall flat on our rear ends with something amazing and totally unique. I mean to me I would whether play something new, unique and fresh then something I could go play Halo or Call of Duty for and get the same style of game play with.  To each their own I guess.

To conclude I feel that Microsoft should come out with more exclusives that are more unique then the same old stuff that too me belong on the last gen (xbox 360). After all this is a next gen console why not take a risk.

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