Why I Will Never Shop at Gamestop Again

Posted September 10, 2013 by Brenton Conlan in Video Games

I recently went into my local EB Games (Australian equivalent of GameStop) to purchase a copy of Dishonored, a game I had been looking forward to playing but hadn’t had the time with life commitments and other games to play. I had to search for around 15 minutes before I found a new copy of the game in a pile of games on a table for $47. I had however spotted 5 pre-owned copies proudly displayed on the wall for $42 almost as soon as I started looking. I should premise this by saying I do not buy used games, period. So up I went to the counter and the employee wearing his bright red shirt emblazoned with ‘Trade and Save’ did the usual get the disc out of the drawer etc. Then he said that’s “42 bucks thanks” and I thought to myself at the time that’s odd, thinking that it must have just been the wrong sticker on the box and I happily paid for the game and walked out.

This is where I get a little mad.


When I got out of the store it got the better of me so I checked my receipt and in front of the word Dishonored there was a big PO. In my head at this point I was thinking surely that doesn’t mean pre-owned. So I went back in the store and the guy who served me saw me coming and asked if I had forgotten something to which I replied no I just saw on my receipt that it says I bought a pre-owned copy when I wanted the new copy. With a sheepish grin he replied “oh you sa

w that?”. At this point I burst. The nerve of this guy obviously working under company instructions had charged me for a pre-owned copy so that they could make a few extra dollars. I then proceeded to give the employee a lecture on how what he was doing was completely morally wrong and how he and his boss should be ashamed of themselves. I then paid the 5 dollar difference for the new game and as he handed over the receipt he had the audacity to ask if I knew I could trade in old games with them.

used-gamesI have nothing against the sale of used games it is my choice to not buy them. I was with every other gaming fan crying foul when Microsoft revealed their used game DRM. I would have had no problem with the employee asking if I would prefer a used copy for a little less money, by all means try and make more money out of people, you are a business after all but do not just go ahead and do it without my consent.

It seems I am not the only person who has had problems with EB Games staff with many people saying they have been given advice on not to preorder an Xbox One because of the used games DRM even though it has been reversed. I for one am glad that we are in the transition to an all digital age and for me it cannot come any sooner because the sooner EB Games are out of the business of ripping consumers and developers off the better.

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