Wii U Sales outpace PS4 Sales ……in Japan

Posted March 13, 2014 by David Staniusz in Video Games

The PS4 is definitely the king of the console world( at least sales wise), however this is not a universal truth. The Ps4 is being outpaced in sales in Japan, and not by X-Box One, but by Wii U. Though Wii U has had very small sales numbers to the PS4 and X Box One in North America (being passed here in one month of the other two releases, despite the year head start), in Japan where Nintendo’s foundation is strongest, the Wii U is the king.

In the first 3 weeks of the Wii U’s release, (December 3rd-23rd 2012), in Japan the Wii U sold 557,901 units, as per Media crate reports. The PS4 just hit Japan this past month and the sales for its 3 week debut( Feb 17-March 9 2014) had their sales at 410,083.

A rare loss for the Ps4 right now. Some supply issues may have come into play, but it appears that PS4 has not taken over completely. What it means is hard to say, but it just goes to show that Nintendo’s success in Japan is undeniable and will always leave them viable as a company.

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