Winter IS coming- from Telltale Games’ studios

Posted September 2, 2014 by Fadi Amer in Video Games

Telltale Games has recently revealed its tantalizing plans to release an episodic Game of Thrones series. (Yes, you read that correctly. Game of  Thrones. In a game. This is finally happening.). To be released in 2014, Telltale’s Game of Thrones will be center around the beautifully conflict-ridden realm of Westeros. It follows that the game will be a point-and-click, however that does nothing to take away from the future game’s allure, given the stellar production of previous releases. As for the main character, who is yet to be unveiled, he/she will be of the House Forrester and here’s what you might expect- SPOILER ALERT -:

Along Stannis Baratheon’s journey through the North (following the events of Season 4), his camp marches through Deepwood Motte on the way to Winterfell. In the process, however, Stannis is provided with scouts from the House Forrester, of Deepwood Motte, by Lady Sybelle Glover. Yet where it gets more climactic is in following the hash-tag ‘Iron from Ice’, displayed on Telltale Games’ website, which alludes to the division of powers in the North; With the Ironborn rivaling the Freys/Boltons conquests in the region, and Asha Greyjoy’s tie-in with the Baratheon camp, many ends are left to meet as Forrester eyes  lie on the frontlines, highlighting the most thrilling advancements of the Baratheon camp through Westeros.


Putting these pieces together would lead down an intense adventure at the heart of the conflict, which could easily engulf events from the beginning of the remarkable series, all the way through to its end. With that in mind, be sure to visit Telltale Games for upcoming information.




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