Wonder Woman Creative Team to Leave the Book

Posted February 21, 2014 by Jean-Luc Botbyl in Comic Books

Writing this up is a real bummer for me. I mean, I guess that the news could be worse, but here it is: Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang will be leaving Wonder Woman at some point later this year. From what we know, this is simply because their story has reached a natural end. Nothing to do with editorial mandates.

And when you think about it, their means that their run will have lasted almost three years, which isn’t a short run on the series, no matter how you shake it. Sure, it’s nothing compared to Geoff Johns’ nine year Green Lantern run, but the duo is one of the last remaining creative teams from the start of The New 52.

It’s definitely a bummer that this run will be ending, but it may prove even more interesting to see what the dup does next. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts, oh wondrous readers!

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