Action Comics #52 Review

Written by: Peter J. Tomasi

Art by: Fernando Pasarin

Publisher: DC Comics

I’ve got to say, putting American Alien to one side (which is excellent), that I really haven’t enjoyed a Superman story for a long time. Growing up Superman was my superhero and to be honest he still is, which is why I have been felt wanting for so long, yet I finally feel my craving has been satisfied with “The Final Days”.

I can’t believe we are already on Part 6 of what has been a thrilling and intriguing ride. I can’t recall a time when a single writer wrote a whole weekly event like this, and it is certainly paying off as the level of quality and consistency is felt throughout so far despite the art changes (which have all been excellent so far too). On the one side it feels strange that all these Superman series are ending with #52 without a proper ending to a volume, but on the other hand we are being treated to this edge of your seat dramatic build up to the impending doom of New 52 Superman and the start of Rebirth.

Speaking of New 52 Superman, this issue certainly played to the heart strings of the reader as Tomasi did a great job of making us feel for him and be worried that this is actually the end, and this is supported by the concern shared with the reader by Batman and Wonder Woman, although there is some great humor too on the plane. As well as New 52 Superman we are treated to “new Superman” and pre-New 52 Superman in this issue and the story really worked well incorporating all three of them. Tomasi has done a great job of making the, let’s call him, Flamed Superman into a character that we think is crazy yet he totally believes who he is and it will be really interesting to see how this character plays out because currently he seems a bit of a villain.

While the issue was good fun, the writing was excellent and there were some great character moments, the story itself I felt didn’t really move forward which is slightly worrying seeing as though there are only 2 or 3 issues left. To me there seems a lot still unresolved, we have New 52 Superman still dying, pre-New 52 Superman in hiding and Flamed Superman wanting to be part of the Justice League, nobody knows who he is, and what his plans are, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple of weeks, and fortunately I have complete trust in Tomasi to pull this off.

The art was great in this issue, every character looked perfect and the surroundings fit so well. What I really liked was the contrasts between New 52 Superman and pre-New 52 Superman, as the latter was drawn more butch, the opposite of a young Superman, and the artists impression made him look so strong.

The cliffhanger at the end while not the best cliffhanger ever, still entices the reader for the next issue, but overall excellent storytelling continues with huge consequences for the future of the DC Universe, so who can’t love it! Bring on Part 7!!