Batman/Green Hornet Crossover Coming

This summer, DC and Dynamite will team up for a crossover between two of their biggest characters: Batman and the Green Hornet (Robin and Kato will also be involved). It will be entitled Batman ’66 Meets the Green Hornet and will be a part of DC’s Digital First line up. It will take place in the universe of the 60’s TV shows that both Batman and Green Hornet starred in.

The series will be co-written by comic book writer/film maker/podcast host Kevin Smith (Green Arrow) and comedian/talk show host Ralph Garman. They will launch the 12 issue story on the 21st of May, and it will continue for the next six months with a biweekly “shipping” schedule on DC’s app, or Comixology. Ty Templeton will be on art duties for the story.

The series will also be available in print starting June 4th, dealing with the same staggered release as all other DC Digital First series.