Blackbird #1 Review

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Jen Bartel

Layout Artist: Paul Reinwand

Color Artists: Nayoung Wilson and Jen Bartel

Publisher: Image Comics, Inc.

Many comics have tackled serious issues like mental health problems either directly or through metaphor before, and it can work to add some depth and interest to a story.  Nina gets a glimpse of another, magical world and is since struggling with “reality” trying to find that magic again through different methods.

The story does a nice job playing on that fantasy versus reality and showcases struggles with addiction in more ways than one.  Nina does not start as a strong character which works as the reader can follow her path and hopefully watch her build.  There are moments too where Humphries takes the common “chosen one” trope and turns it on its head.  The beginning and ending are interesting which builds intrigue for the next issue.  While most things work story-wise, the dialogue can fall flat and the plot points are predictable.  Nonetheless this first issue raises a lot of questions begging to be answered in future installments.

A cool color palette permeates throughout and gives an air of that uneasy balance between this world and the magic world.  The art is overall very pretty with some beautiful creature designs.

This is one to add to the pull list if you like serious subjects with a whimsical flair.