Book of Lyaxia #1 Review

Written By: Aron Pohara

Art By: Andy Baquerizo, Tsubasa Yozora, Jesse Heagy

Published By: Alcyone Studios

In a world where the gods exist all in one realm, Book of Lyaxia follows two brothers Chronos and Deimos who are the twin princes’ of Lyaxia. In the wake of their father’s absence the twins are left in charge of the kingdom and despite their best efforts to be kind and benevolent leaders, they find themselves facing opposition from those around them. It’s a fun premise that overall manages to feel pretty fresh though the dialogue does feel a bit trite at times. That’s not saying it’s bad mind you. It just occasionally feels familiar.

Being the very first entry into the series, you can expect quite a fair share of dialogue in “Book of Lyaxia” as it acquaints you with Chronos, Deimos and the challenges they’ll be facing later on. For the most part however, it does it’s job well. Although I would say the first few pages do feel a tad bit rushed in order to get some of the smaller details out of the way. It does manage to right the ship quickly enough however as the book takes it’s readers forward. Without spoiling too much there’s one really cool scene where Chronos gets a little bit of time to shine and he chooses to take action against some of his kingdoms enemies which definitely makes it the highlight of the book.

I’m a huge fan of the approach taken with the artstyle. Backgrounds are detailed where they’re most important and the coloring is wonderful creating some really beautiful landscapes. The first time we see Lyaxia is my favorite panel in the whole book. Characters have their own distinct visuals as well to help readers discern between the differing kingdoms and colors play a big role in the books locations. With that being said, while the character designs are well done, there was a point where I got a little confused between two characters because how similar they looked. It took me another read to notice the differences between the two characters.

All in all, Book of Lyaxia is a pretty good read with a lot of potential. If you backed Aron’s project on Kickstarter then backers can feel secure knowing that their investment went to a good project. For those that didn’t and you’re looking for a fun new book to read, then you should certainly check out Book of Lyaxia.

WeTheNerdy gives “Book of Lyaxia” an 8 out of 10.