Justice League vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 – Review

Written By: Tom Taylor

Art By: Stephen Byrne

Publisher: DC Comics and BOOM!

DC Comics have been cranking out some pretty entertaining crossover issues in the recent past with Star Trek/Green Lantern and Batman/TMNT. Both series placed beloved TV and comic heroes in unlikely scenarios and often impossible battles with the goal of mixing up the status quo. Simply put, what would happen if Captain Kirk ran into Green Lantern? Goofy premises aside, these crossovers were hits with the fans and provided fresh perspectives on beloved characters. Tom Taylor is now joining in the fun with Justice League vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and his entry could be the best one yet.

Like any good multi-issue story–or a Tarantino movie–Justice League vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 kicks off with a crazy scenario to pique your interest before jumping back into the proper starting point. And boy is this premise interesting.

Issue #1 starts off with a shockingly depressing scene as Superman is trying to comfort Zack, aka the Black Ranger. Some serious issues have arisen, enemies have tried to take power, and Zack is constantly blaming himself, which is never a good sign. Thankfully, Superman is an understanding fellow and wants to get Zack back in fighting shape in time for what appears to be the biggest fight yet. However, that probably won’t be covered until a later issue. For now, issue #1 simply tackles how in the hell these heroes meet.

Without going too much into detail, it’s important to point out two main things. 1: Zack is going to be a main catalyst for every big moment in this series, and 2: the introductions of the Power Rangers to the Justice League totally makes sense. Weird, right? Well, don’t worry, because Tom Taylor handles this whole bizarre situation in a very interesting fashion. He brings back an enemy, makes them extremely vicious, and adds in some sweet explosions just for good measure. It’s not necessarily the recipe you would expect for mixing two worlds, but the end result is like a superhero casserole–superbly layered and perfect for sharing.  

As far as first issues go, Justice League vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1 is one of the absolute best. Taylor’s story, while more serious at times, is so much fun that it puts a goofy smile on your face from the first page on. The perfect example of this is the first interaction between Batman and the Black Ranger. The conversation itself is serious on the outside, but both characters have subtle humor in their lines that make the entire scene uniquely entertaining. Although Batman may have the more cheerful lines. And it gets even better once more members of the Justice League and Power Rangers show up. There is so much potential in the different characters, and I can’t wait to see the techy conversations between Cyborg and Billy.

Of course, Stephen Byrne’s art adds some very important details. Characters make extra motions that aren’t noticeable until you reexamine the panel, and the facial expressions add more emotion than you would expect. Sure, the youthfulness of the Rangers is a little jarring at first considering that BOOM!’s other Power Rangers series has art by Hendry Prasetya that makes the Power Rangers look drastically more mature, but the feeling doesn’t last that long. Besides, Byrne does a fantastic job with Batman’s constant grimace.

To be honest, it’s very difficult to proclaim the greatness of this new series without spoiling all of the cool moments. So, let’s just do it this way: If you like Batman, giant pink robot dinosaurs, and the Power Rangers, then this is the comic for you. Just pick it up, and applaud Tom Taylor for his work.