Kamandi Challenge #7 Review

Written by: Marguerite Bennett

Art by: Dan Jurgens, Klaus Janson

Published by: DC Comics

Who can challenge Kamandi? A pack of dogs and a new love interest that’s who!

This series continues to use the Kamandi license in different and interesting ways, and now being almost halfway through the story it is becoming more cohesive. It is still serving to mostly one up the previous team, but the story is progressing toward something now; and this particular issue really adds to the world building in way no other issue prior to it did.

Marguerite Bennett adds comedic spin to Kamandi who was getting a bit too serious for his own good in the previous few chapters. Those moments of levity were well placed but more than that really helped with the story-telling.

The art here is done by Dan Jurgens and inked by a great Klaus Janson. Needless to say this was certainly one of more interesting team ups to look forward to in this mash up. Seeing Janson’s inks over Jurgens’ lines was a treat to watch, as the whole book felt like it had another dimension to it. Everything popped from the characters, the creatures and everything in between.

The after-mentioned moments of levity are very well represented due to Jurgens and Janson as well especially in the later part of the book, where certain relationships started to form. This is one of those teams that I would have no problems seeing on the other projects as it really seems they do work well together.

Kamandi continues to be a very interesting book, and one of the big draws of the title itself is that one does not have to be familiar with the original source material to enjoy this book. It does stand on its own, and it is a great way to celebrate 100th birthday of great Jack Kirby.

So if you haven’t been reading Kamandi Challenge, give it a shot, or wait for a trade if you want to read all of the shennanigans at once. You will not be disappointed. This book will most certainly not going to win any awards, but it is a fun romp and sometimes that is all a book needs to be.