Loot Crate (June 2014 review)

Posted June 26, 2014 by Jake Morris in Nerdy Bits

Have you ever subscribed and enjoyed the mysterious contents of a Loot Crate box? If not, then hey, we at We The Nerdy have a review for you of this month’s edition.

First of all though you may be asking “what exactly is a Loot Crate?” Well, it’s a service that you subscribe to each month, featuring a new theme for each box. The crate, or box (just short of shoe box size) contains a bunch of geektastic goodies to line your shelves with or even wear. The theme for June is ‘Transform’. It should be no surprise that the folks over at Loot Crate decided to focus on the loveable Robots in Disguise as a new film and video game are due out in June/July, depending on which country you live in. So.. let’s get to it, as Detective Mills would say “what’s in the box?!?”

Loot Crate June 2014

The content for June focused on the theme of ‘Transform’.

First up on the list of contents to be found inside is the prized T-shirt that Loot Crate have been advertising all month, and boy is it a treat. Not exactly Transformers but more inspired by, with a cool mash-up with Back to the Future. The design features Marty McFly inspired Transformer named ‘Marty McPrime’. Of course, Marty is a DeLorean and posed in his iconic jacket while checking the time. It is a neat little shirt that probably makes up the full value of the contents. It should be mentioned that crates that include a t-shirt normally lower the value of the other gadgets included, but there should be no complaints when it is a shirt like this one.

Next up, and possibly the coolest gift in the box, is a Transformers mystery mini. These mystery minis are becoming common place on desks and shelves everywhere, much like Pop! Vinyls, except they are randomly packaged so you never know which one you will receive. The contents of this box came with a mini Megatron, complete with blaster cannon. G1 inspired with lots of attention to detail. The articulation is minimal but they are more of an ornament than a toy. For subscribers in the UK this should be quite a hot property as they are not easy to get hold of.

The remaining contents in the box are on the smaller side. The fourth Transformers film’s merchandise overload is in full swing and that means an inclusion of what is called a ‘Hex Bug’. A miniature toy that turns into a (it’s a mouthful) Hex Bug nano micro robotic creature. There are a varied assortment you can receive but this one was in the design of Drift of the Autobots. The likeness isn’t much, just in paint application. It is hard not to think that the designers of the toy didn’t miss a trick in releasing Insecticon designs of them instead…

Rounding out the gifts is a custom button to signify which month you subscribed to, a nifty Transformers sticker in the form of a Decepticon logo and some small sour sweets called Warheads (of course these are all gone now). Perhaps more for the subscribes situated in the States is a $5 access code for the MLG (Major League Gaming) site; a website designed for viewing the competitive gaming tournament featuring many of the best players and teams. International users may be more likely to get more use out of the sweatband but it is a nice inclusion nonetheless.

Lastly, as is always common place with the crates is a monthly booklet featuring a bunch of Transformers content and an interview with the creative heads behind The Loyal Subjects. At the back is a Transformers name generator. A gimmicky addition, but who does not want to have an official Autobot/Decepticon name? FYI, my name is Chaos Blitz, so you can just go ahead and address me by that from now on.

So, that is all for this month’s Loot Crate goodness. Check back next month to see if the service is more to your taste, or join in and subscribe.

Stay Nerdy.

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