Malcolm McDowell replaces Vincent Price in “Forever Phibes”

Thankfully, this isn’t going to be called “Phorever Phibes”. McDowell, who previously replaced Donald Pleasence in the “Halloween” remakes takes over another iconic role. It’s just been announced he’ll be filling the legendary shoes of John Waters’ favorite actor, Vincent Price. Sadly, this isn’t the third movie fans have been clamoring for since the second film in the series. It’s a loose remake/reboot of the series written by it’s creator William Goldstien and his son Damon, and will reportedly contain new events from the series of novels on which it is based.

For those who haven’t seen the original, it’s about a doctor named Anton Phibes, rumored dead, who has come back to avenge the death of his wife who passed away during a failed heart-transplant operation. Phibes blames the nine doctors, and gets biblical in his revenge as he slays them with curses straight from the Old Testament; that is when he’s not listening to his band of clockwork robots.

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