Most Anticipated Comics of 2014

2014 is looking like it is going to be a busy year for comics, with Marvels plan to re-launch a number of titles and also recent news from Image Expo is making 2014 look like another fantastic year for new releases. Some of the We The Nerdy (Oscar Russell, Jean-Luc Botbyl, Derek Adams and Guilherme Jacobs) team have put together a list of the books that are there most anticipated. Have a look and let us know what your list is, at the bottom of the page!

Jean-Luc Botbyl

1. Wytches – Scott Snyder and Jock – Image ComicsWytches-600x900

Scott Snyder seems to work well with any creative team that he’s put on a book with, but there are four artists that he just seems to mesh perfectly with. Those three are Rafael Albuquerque, whom he worked with on American Vampire (which is also coming back this year so get excited!), Greg Capullo on Batman, Sean Murhpy on The Wake, and Jock on Detective Comics. Whilst on Detective Comics, they crafted an excellent Batman story that seemed to be a preview of what was coming with Snyder’s run on the character in The New 52. Seeing this creative team reunite for a creator owned series is amazing, and the fact that they’re back together is exciting. But what’s even better is that they’re reuniting for a horror series. Horror is the genre that made Snyder famous, and it’s definitely his strong suit. He completely revamped vampires, and now, it looks like he’s aiming to do the same with witches. And of course, seeing Jock do interiors is a rare treat these days. He remains one of the best artists in the business, so seeing him taking on an ongoing is reason for everyone to get excited.


2. C.O.W.L – Kyle Higgins – Image ComicsCOWL2

For a writer who’s really only been in the business for two or three years at this point, he’s done some really great comics. We have seem him do Gates of Gotham with Scott Snyder, which was an excellent story. His eight issue run on Deathstroke at the beginning of The New 52 was the simply amazing, and his work on Nightwing in The New 52 has made it one of my favorite comics coming out. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to do that many books, and he’s been pretty much exclusive at DC since he broke into the scene. Seeing him branch out a little is great, because it’s obvious that he has a lot of great ideas. This is the next natural progression of his career in comics, moving into a more mature, creator owned setting. The concept of Cowl, which is based off his twenty minute short film sounds amazing. It seems to be in the vein of Watchmen a little bit, but grittier and a little less down to Earth. Even though we don’t know much about this series, I’m sure that every single issue is going to be a treat to read.


3. Wonder Woman The Trial of Diana Prince (Earth One) – Grant Morrison and Yanick Pacquette – DC


While this isn’t a new ongoing, this is still a book worth being extremely excited for. The Earth One line, so far, hasn’t been astounding. Batman was alright, and I didn’t like either of the Superman Earth One books. However, Wonder Woman is my favorite DC character, and the creative team is amazing. Yanick Paquette’s art on Swamp Thing, which concluded in early 2013, was probably some of the most well done artwork I’ve ever seen, and I’m excited to see him on another project. I know that not everyone likes Grant Morrison, but I’m a massive fan of everything that he’s done. The last series he did in a similar vein to this, All Star Superman, is regarded as one of the best Superman stories ever. Hopefully, this will go down as one of the greatest Wonder Woman stories ever. Morrison’s pseudo-science and downright crazy writing style is perfect for Wonder Woman, and will likely offer a fresh new take on the character. Between Brian Azzarello’s ongoing series and this OGN, this year could be the year of Wonder Woman.


Oscar Russell

1. Ghost Rider – Felipe Smith, Tradd Moore – Marvel Comics300px-All-New_Ghost_Rider_Vol_1_1_Textless

This is one of the new All New Marvel Now books that was announced at NYCC in 2013, and has new talent for Marvel on the book with Felipe Smith. Having not read any of Smith’s work previously I am not sure what to expect in terms of writing, but nevertheless a return of Ghost Rider is always good news in my eyes. Tradd Moore is due to be on art, with his work previously on Luthor Strode which has been solid throughout and also a couple of covers on Deadpool. There have also been some changes to the character, the first one being that it will be a new Ghost Rider taking the driving seat with Robbie Reyes being the new anti-hero. They have also moved him over to the West Coast and the probably the biggest change so far is that the motorbike has been replaced by a car.


2. Silver Surfer – Dan Slott and Mike Allred – Marvel Comicssilversurfer

If any artist name is going to make me want to buy a comic it is that of Mike Allred. With his FF run recently ending, this will be the newest book featuring his art and based on the previews that have now been released this book looks like it is going to be more of the same brilliance from Allred. The man really know how to make a page stand out from the crowd, and the cosmic side of the Marvel U seems to suit him perfectly. Dann Slott will be providing the words to this book, and if his recent work on Superior Spider-Man is anything to go on then we should be in for a fun ride. This is another one of the All New Marvel Now books, and is due to be released in March.



3. Fade Out – Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips – Image ComicsFadeOut

Well those two creator names there are a winning combination alone, without even look at what the book is going to be about. Both Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips have just signed a 5 year deal with Image Comics to basically give him the freedom to do whatever he wants and full ownership on all his works. Brubaker has described Fade Out as the ultimate noir story, and is going to be set in 1940’s Hollywood.  So far that all sounds good, and based on these two creators previous works I for one can’t see this going wrong. The book is due to hit the stands following the conclusion of Fatale at issue 24 which is due to end this year.

We will be back tomorrow with Derek and Guilherme’s picks for 2014