My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #66 Review

Written By: Ted Anderson

Art By: Tony Fleecs & Heather Breckel

Published By: IDW

I don’t know why I’m here at this point. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ran its course sometime last year or the year before, and we’re all just limping along because there’s money to be made. Properties are not allowed to end when they should (the exception being Breaking Bad (or so I’m told)). Basically, the show sucks now and the comics aren’t that much better.

The problem with MLP:FiM #66 is one of scope. It’s a big story shoved into one issue. Our plot is that friendship journal written last season is being made into a movie, and hey, the characters are going to help direct!

Let us first ignore every problem with that sentence and instead focus on more interesting problems, like the director giving up the slot to do what would be a career-defining piece of art. Royalty is kind of a big deal here, and he’s just giving it all up. Why? He looks tired and grumpy in every page, so maybe there’s something going on. Maybe there’s a secret afoot with hijinks to be had!

Or not, because there’s no room for that. He shows up, passes the buck, and then leaves.

Okay, so how about the fact that none of the characters have any experience directing a movie or managing a crew of actors. There’s fun conflict there, especially since they don’t agree on how to execute this project. Everyone wants to make a different movie. There’s a lot of room for fun and conflict.

Or not, because there’s no actual room for that. Instead they each make their own one-page movie so the end climax can be a montage of bad cinema.

And that’s basically it. I may have tread into spoilers here, but there’s so little to be found other than a plot riddled with holes and nonsense that I don’t see a point in reading this one. Yeah the artwork is cute, but after 66 issues, I want more than that. I can get cute art rereading the old comics or looking at fanart. I’m disappointed too, because the idea here really is ripe for loony-toons fun. We’d just need four issues to do it proper, not one.