Park Beyond Quick Time Review (Xbox Series S)


  • Fun and colorful
  • Controls relatively well
  • Impossification adds an extra layer
  • Not bad narratively
  • Good Humor


  • May be too complicated for those new to park builders
  • Some minor crashes and glitches
  • Camera can get crazy


Since the original Roller Coaster Tycoon, there have been many theme park builders, both very good and very bad. This one falls somewhere in the middle, leaning more towards good, especially as a console park builder. It has humor and narrative similar to Thrillville, yet controls closer to a Planet Coaster. The “Impossification” is what sets this game apart. When you build up enough excitement, you can change your rides to push the limits of reality. Seeing just what will happen when you impossify can be a lot of fun. However, waiting to get enough charge to impossify can be taxing at times. There are other interesting gimmicks, such as choosing your target audience and picking theme park goals. These gimmicks are interesting, but only work just ok. This game is off to a decent start and could really be something great with some patches and expansions.