Postal #1 Review

Written by: Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins

Art by: Isaac Goodheart

Publisher: Image

I am always going to pick up a new Image series, because more often than not it is going to be a good read with an interesting subject matter. This new series from Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins had everything I like about Image series’ and it definitely left me intrigued.

The storyline centres on its main character, Mark, who happens to be on the autism spectrum, and is the towns Postman, or mailman for you guys across the Atlantic. I really enjoyed the internal dialogue of Mark, and it was really affective in forming a relationship with the reader very quickly. This issue was successful in portraying the entire “cast” in fact, as I felt like the other characters were easy to understand and their motives were quickly recognisable.

Apart from Mark, the real story is centred around the town he lives in, Eden. What is really intriguing, and that we don’t find out till more than halfway through the issue, is that the town is populated by criminals for whom this is a last-chance saloon at living a life basically.

The only problem I have with this issue was the art, it just didn’t particularly compel me. It felt fairly bog standard for a story that is very mysterious and could have served the story better having a more freeflow art style rather than the rigidness that is currently on offer.

Going forward, the story could go many ways and has a lot of scope to work with. It reminds me slightly of Nailbiter, and as a huge fan of that series I have hope that this series can be as strong as that one. If you like mystery, violence, and a sense of unease then I highly recommend picking up this book. The mystery is what has me hooked so far, it seems like something bigger is on the horizon and with the world that is being built by the writers I for one am excited to see where this story will go next.