Quick Time Review: ROCCAT Torch


  • Excellent audio quality from the mic is excellent and on par with other devices like the Blue Snowball.
  • Wave to mute feature is great for quick and easy muting when in a rush.
  • RGB elements are nice and let you know what mode you have enabled and if muting is on/off.
  • Included mixer is an excellent touch that allows pinpoint customization of the audio you are generating from the mic.
  • The ability to remove the mic from the mixer and attach to another mic stand or mic arm is great for podcasting/streaming.


  • RGB is not very customizable like other ROCCAT products currently.

In Summary

The ROCCAT Torch is an excellent choice for a MIC that gives you amazing audio quality while not needing to spend an exorbitant amount of money for a mic. Having the mixer is awesome to fine-tune how your mic sounds quickly, all while being able to have the mic attached to another stand or arm. I was using an older Blue Snowball before getting the Torch but have replaced it with the Torch for all my voice capturing for podcasts, streaming, etc. This is well worth the $99 to jump in and have a mic that will make people ask you if you’re using a professional studio grade mic.