Rumor: Greg Capullo to work on Swamp Thing

While at Terrificon, Greg Capullo confirmed in a brief conversation that not only does he want to work on Swamp Thing, he WILL work on Swamp Thing by the end of his contract [emphasis his]. However, while this piece of information comes straight from Capullo himself, and though it does look like we’ll be seeing a return to this iconic character sooner rather than later, We The Nerdy are treating it as a rumor until it is confirmed by DC.

To put the conversation in context: I was getting some books signed by both Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, where I managed to spend some time with Capullo, asking him a few questions on why he originally left Batman and his current DC projects now that Reborn is finished. Capullos has a 24-month contract with DC that includes Batman: Metal but would, he hopes, branch out into other properties. He does not wish to be shoehorned into just one series.

Six issues here, three issues there, another three there; he wishes to spread out. That includes Swamp Thing, a character Capullo says is real dear to his heart. Should he get his way, and by his account he generally does, he will be working on the property before his contract is up.

When asked how he would approach the character, he said he wants to try a more Wrighston version of the character, saying, “There won’t be any flowers or seeds. Maybe a fly.”

Swamp Thing is a character I find most intriguing and one that I personally believe will benefit greatly from Capullo’s style. I look forward to seeing him back on my pull list, because Capullo made it sound like that was an inevitability.

We have reached out to DC for comment but have not heard back.