Sideways #2 Review

Written by: Justin Jordan, Dan Didio

Art by: Kenneth Rocafort

Published by: DC Comics

Sideways gives DC a teen hero people can cheer for. It’s full of humor and emotion without being bogged down by an over serious plot.

Jordan and Didio are able to tap into something with Derek James–aka Sideways–that DC was lacking. They tried with Blue Beetle, and even though that book had a lot of potential, the direction was ultimately what undid it.

Sideways takes a different path. It gives us another teenage hero, but here it truly lets the hero be a teenager, act as a teenager and face threats as a teenager. It is the closest DC has made come to making a Spider-man book and is a better Spider-man book than anything Marvel has put out lately.

It is also the most fun of the New Age of Heroes line DC has coming out. While the hero himself is relatable as Derek is trying to adjust to his life, it is the supporting cast that brings out the best in Derek and Sideways, especially Ernestine whose bubbly but strong personality brings levity to the entire affair.

Rocafort’s art continues to be a strong point as his descriptions of both the mundane and heroic are very well defined. His colors are very vibrant and fun. This particular issue had something very interesting done with the panel layout and text as well during a falling sequence. It was a pretty ingenious way to portray risk, but more than that, it gives the book of another layer of style.

The second issue of Sideways is showing the book is still going strong, and it looks like it could be a mainstay for DC, especially if the character work and its hero remain strong points.  Justin Jordan, Didio, and Rocafort have managed to tap into something special here, delivering levels of fun on par with Super Sons. Check this book out and you won’t be disappointed!