Silver Surfer #1 Review

Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Michael Allred

Publisher: Marvel

Silver Surfer is a series that gets nowhere near the recognition it deserves. Slott and Allred put together 15 issues that were consistently fun, mind bendingly strange and heart warmingly sweet. Then again, maybe I’m just bias because of all the Doctor Who similarities. Regardless, the team are back for another run, with both the surfer and Dawn in tow, thankfully this debut contains every bit of quality as the last, and should be the perfect jump-on point for new readers.

This new #1 sees both leads return to Earth to catch up with Dawn’s family. It’s not long however until a race of aliens attempt to steal all of the planet’s culture to gain the powers of fictional heroes. The return to Earth had me worried that we’d see less of the wild and bizarre characteristics of the last run in favor of more Earth based adventures, but as you can probably tell from that plot summary this thankfully isn’t the case. The book sells itself beautifully in the opening pages, encapsulating all the joy and energy of the series perfectly, effortlessly selling Dawn and Norrin to new readers without breaking a sweat. The family bonding stuff is also very sweet, and rewarding for long time readers. After so much time in space, it’s genuinely quite nice to pop in and see how Dawn’s family are doing, with Slott managing to make them likable characters even in their brief appearances. There’s a lot of charm to the early sections of the book, and this is even before the crazy alien stuff.

I was thrilled to see the Allreds return for this new series, as their pop art style was a large part of why I loved the first run so much. Their off the wall, trippy art just fits these type of adventures to a T. Every strange creature seems to flow naturally from Michael Allred’s pencils, and Laura’s colors are that extra spice that just breaths so much life into the page. I couldn’t imagine any other style for this series. What makes this issue even more of a treat is all the little references packed between the panels. There’s so many character references and tributes that I feel the need to read the issue again to catch them all. Even better, they work naturally into the narrative rather than just crammed in to wake up the audience.

On this front though, the story behind the central conflict ends up being a little shorter than I’d have liked. It’s such a great idea that I think it could’ve been explored for at least another issue, a two part opening in fact would’ve been perfect I feel. It’s not that the issue is rushed or anything, the story unfolds at a natural rate, the conflict is just solved rather easily with a very Morrison-lite air to it. I just feel there’s quite a lot of potential to be explored in the idea and would’ve liked a bit more. On the plus side, I can take this to mean that Slott and the Allreds just have more ideas up their sleeves, and would rather get to these sooner than later.

Overall, for a long time fan, Silver Surfer #1 feels like meeting up with an old friend, and having a blast catching up on how things have been going. The issue is accessible enough that new readers can jump on, and if you haven’t already I highly recommend you do, but any long time fans can rest assured. Silver Surfer is every bit as brilliant as it ever was, and it shows no signs of slowing down.