The Walking Dead #129 Review

Publisher: Image

Written by: Robert Kirkman

Art by: Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano

The Walking Dead, has become one of those books which is just so darn hard to review. With 129 pretty much consistently good issues in the draw there comes a point where there is little else to say other than “wow, another great issue there”.

Issue #129 is no different. The dynamic of the series has changed somewhat since the end of All Out War a few issues back and this is really the first time since then that we get to see in what direction the story is moving in.

Carl is off to the Hilltop, and Rick is his escort for the journey there. On this trip we get to see a new”ish” side of Rick that is more authoritarian than ever before. This scene is quite the shock, and to be honest the biggest shock of it all is the fact that there is no reaction from Carl.

Clearly there is some anger still within Rick, which brings about the other niggle which the camp will possibly need to contend with again. Negan. Still imprisoned, by Rick for his actions in All Out War the moral question of whether Rick should have finished him off rears its ugly head again.

As mentioned previously, there is very little bad to say about The Walking Dead and the art is no exception. Both Adlard and Gaudiano are at the top of their games here, and it is oh so nice getting to see some serious Walker action again.

If you aren’t reading this, ask yourself why! 129 issues seem like a daunting task, and it is, but it is worth it. And if you don’t want to read that much, then go from the conclusion of All Out War, and read from issue 127.