Tim Ginger Review

Written by: Julian Hanshaw

Art by: Julian Hanshaw

Publisher: IDW

Reading Tim Ginger is a reflective and cathartic experience; whilst reading this independent gem, I was doused in a melancholy glow—I slowly started to relate to the struggles that the titular lead begins to face—it was eye-opening and sad at the same time. One of the reasons I adore it so much is that it makes you see things in your life a little clearer. Tim Ginger is a former test pilot that garners some success for a book he has released, leading him on journey through America. Whilst at a book signing, he meets an old friend and as he spends time with her, he begins to question his past decisions and the choices he’s made, whilst still struggling to deal with the death of his wife, Susan. Even though my wife is very much alive, it still helps you to realise the true value of what you have, not to take things for granted and if you aren’t happy, make sure you do something about it.

Julian is a gifted writer and artist; the dialogue is witty and moving at times. He has a unique ability to change the mood at any given time. You can be laughing at Tim’s wry humour, then shedding a tear as he pours his heart out about his wife and their life together. He writes relationships in a very natural way. No matter who Tim is with, the dynamic is different every time and it really helps to keep the story moving forward with uncompromising momentum. The art style is spectacular too; when the writer also does the illustration and colouring, it always makes the art completely in sync with the story and Tim Ginger is no different. The art style reminds me of Ralph Steadman—it has a sketch-based aesthetic that remains all the way through, helping to bring out the heart of the story. It isn’t over-polished or heavily edited—it is raw, honest and real.

Tim Ginger is a deeply personal story with a poignant journey to be had. Julian Hanshaw is a very talented man with a creative mind to be admired. The story of Tim Ginger will stay with me for some time, thanks to the great writing and artwork—take a chance on this smart, funny and emotional indie comic and thank me later.