Top Ten Tales to Tell

We are drowning in Telltale games! Remember when The Walking Dead was announced and we all thought, “Oh that’s adorable. A tiny little developer making a story based adventure game?” Now Telltale is a household name with multiple teams working on multiple games a year (whether that’s good or not is another article). But since these games are doing well, and there isn’t an end in sight, why not let them know what we’d like to see in the future? The Telltale method thus far has worked in almost any title; we’ve seen that with Tales from the Borderlands and Minecraft: Story Mode.

So here is a list of franchises that need a Telltale makeover (in no particular order).

10.) Dragon Ball Z Franchise

This one seems like a long shot simply because most episodes would feel too similar if not done correctly. And what would there be really to solve–other than finding the Dragon Balls? Oh! Maybe I could play as Krillin and die every episode and be brought back during the credits of the next one! It’s a tricky situation, but I suppose that’s why I don’t work for Telltale. This universe has a wide and expansive history that could make for an interesting tale…but maybe not for more than one season.


halo9.) Halo

Borderlands always had a quirky sense of humor and Tales from the Borderlands only added to that. Well, if Telltale wants a real challenge, they should take one of the most boring and dour universes in all of video game science fiction and make a compelling story out of that. How about we ‘Hunt the Truth’ for real this time. Give me something to chew on and solve in this crazy untouched, universe.


8.) Hannibal

Now obviously, this would work for any interpretation of the character including their own, but when I think Hannibal, the NBC show is the only thing that comes to mind. It’s probably the best drama on NBC for the past ten years that no one watched and would make a perfect Telltale game. Maybe you could play as Clarice Starling (rights withstanding) or Will Graham; who knows, maybe you could even play as one of his dogs! The point being: Hannibal and the structure of those books/show/movies could work well in an episodic fashion, new stories or old ones. It’s all fair game.


7.) Marvel’s Jessica Jones

The only reason this is on the list is because of the Netflix show. Since watching the show and reading Alias, I’ve been reminded of what a great character Jessica Jones is. My first introduction to her was in New Avengers, and she was simply Luke Cage’s wife who cursed a lot. But her game could resemble whatever they plan on doing with Batman, detective focused. We already know that Telltale is working on some Marvel IP, but we haven’t gotten a name yet. Maybe this is it.


6.) Firefly

This is a Hail Mary. Getting all the voice acting for this game would be tough, and if you wanted to tell a different story with different characters, you’ve already lost half my interest. The TV show had so much lore packed into a finite amount of episodes/movie it was nuts, but I can’t imagine a world where we get a game based on an under performing show/movie without its main characters. Seems unlikely. Also, it wouldn’t happen without Joss Whedon involved at some level, and he doesn’t even want to revive the thing in live action anymore. But it’s fun to imagine.


5.) Dragon Age/Mass Effect Franchises

In some ways, Bioware games are better running Telltale games with RPG elements surrounding it all, so why not have a Telltale game take place in one of those beloved worlds? Dragon Age is so full of intrigue and mystery elements that it’s not impossible to imagine its world without combat. And unlike Borderlands which didn’t focus on story, this franchise is already steeped in content. As for Mass Effect, it would be odd timing to come out anywhere near Andromeda but the same stands: A wide open world with the structure already built around it.


4.) TMNT

If Rocksteady won’t make the game you want how about something to hold you over? No? Okay. Well, beggars can’t be choosers. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise has a die-hard fan base of both young and old while also being an untapped potential for something great. Maybe TMNT isn’t always detective based, but it’s certainly adventure based. In the same way, Game of Thrones bounced around from character to character, you could play as all four turtles investigating something. Or who knows, maybe you could play as April and Casey Jones. The world and mythos may not be as big as others, but there is a ton of heart here.

3.) Goosebumps

I couldn’t escape my childhood without reading at least one Goosebumps book; they were everywhere. Goosebumps books were like Telltale games now. Maybe each episode could revolve around a book or the season is just based on a book. Anything is possible since this is a virtually untouched IP that just recently got a movie.


2.) Star Wars

Star Wars, just like the next franchise, has a wide-open world to dive into, and since Knights of the Old Republic doesn’t seem to be coming around the corner anytime soon, why not have an episodic story-based game that takes place in the same universe as some of the best science fantasy action ever? While behind the scenes, I’m sure they would have to be slavish to certain canon events, but if Telltale were far enough away from the core story, they could tell whatever tale they wanted to. Think Game of Thrones but without knowing the end outcome.

1.) Doctor Who

Imagine how open this story could be! You could either play as the Doctor himself or more interestingly the companion. And any incarnation of the Doctor is fair game if you ask me; sure it may be hard to get Matt Smith or David Tennant to reprise their roles, but heck, they did it with Game Of Thrones. It might be a pipe dream, but even if they can’t, a Capaldi version would be just as interesting. He’s certainly hit his stride as of late and is ripe for stories to be told about his time without Clara. Maybe it’s just the Doctor wondering around the galaxy without a companion saving aliens and planets from horrible occurrences. If there is one thing Telltale is good, at its detective adventure and mystery. I feel as if The Doctor and Telltale are a match made in heaven.

Well, these are my suggestions. If you have your own, please leave them in the comments below. Most likely I forgot a few good ones.