A-Force #1 Review

Posted May 19, 2015 by Henry Varona in Comic Books

Written by: Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Jorge Molina

Publisher: Marvel Comics

A-Force is in so many ways everything that I could want in a single title. When it was announced months ago, my anticipation shot through the roof. I was intrigued by the premise, the creative team, and the characters involved. Most of my friends congratulated me on this book’s existence, because it was everything I want in comics. So you can imagine my joy when I finally read the title and saw that not only is A-Force everything I wanted it to be, it is also a fun read that can approached by all readers and ages. It is exciting and never makes the premise of the title seem like a gimmick to be scoffed at. With a powerful debut, A-Force immediately proves that it’s one of the strongest parts of Secret Wars.

A-Force follows a group of familiar Marvel heroines as they fight to protect their world from dastardly forces. Like much of Secret Wars, what dangers lurk around every corner remain a mystery, and half of the fun in the adventure is watching the danger unfold as it becomes painfully clear that there is no real way to protect yourself from that which you don’t know. Can the combined forces of Captain Marvel, Dazzler, Miss America, Pixie, and Nico Minoru save the day?

A-Force splits the writing duties between Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson, for a one-two punch of talent and charm that’s unlike anything else you’ll find in comics. G. Willow Wilson grabbed everybody’s attention last year with Ms. Marvel, while Bennett was been impressive as she juggles multiple series that show her versatility as a writer. The two blend into one another to create a strong, unified voice. You can see where Wilson and Bennett have grown in the last year, particularly with the introduction of mysterious elements and unexpected foes. Bennett has been a collaborative writer in the past with such titles as Angela and Earth 2, but while those felt uneven at times, this never feels jumpy. It has great characterization of She-Hulk and Nico Minoru in particular, and of course the delightfully spunky Miss America, who I loved in Young Avengers by old Bennett partner Kieron Gillen.

Jorge Molina’s art is a remarkably fresh surprise for this title. I’ll admit that when the series was announced, he seemed like an odd choice for the book, considering his relatively small profile. I sincerely hope that changes after this series. Molina makes every page his own, defining the characters and the world in such a way that it will not look like any other Avengers title out there. It looks like the definitive comic book style, with big postures, big action, and an intensity that doesn’t lose itself in darkness. There are minor qualms that I have with his style though, but the only one worth mentioning is that I wish that he drew She-Hulk with a bit more muscle. However, his attention to detail in the framing of scenes and the inventive way that he lays out his story makes him a hot commodity. Even better, he never makes the women sex objects, which is very important because it would easily compromise the strength of the story.

A-Force is in so many ways everything I expected it to be. It’s fun, accessible, and handles the premise of an all-female Avengers team without it coming off as a gimmick. My biggest complaint is that I wish that this premise had been handled without the gimmick of being a Secret Wars tie in. As somebody who has been extremely supportive of Marvel’s moves to increase the representation of women in comics, I see no reason why this book couldn’t exist in the regular cycle of ongoing titles. I think that it speaks to the strengths of Bennett, Wilson, and Molina that this book has the strength to outlast this event. I sincerely cannot wait to see more, and hope that this book continues to impress. You can buy this comic for anybody of any age and gender, and it will appeal across every demographic. This is just a good comic and it deserves your love.

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