Action Comics 988 Review

Posted September 27, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Art by: Patrick Zircher

Published by: DC Comics

The machinations of Oz become clear in this issue.

This issue answers some of the big questions behind Oz’ reasoning and why he is on a path that he is on. In that same vein it does pose new questions about whom or what has pulled him from the brink of death. In that sense Dan Jurgens is successfully giving a bone to the readers, but dangling a steak in front of them as the main answers are still out of reach. It is ample story-telling method, even though it could be somewhat maddening to the readers that are asking for an instant gratification.

There is a lot to like in this issue; from geo-political commentary and nature of the human race as limited the scope OZ had to experience it in; to, a decision that Superman will have to make knowing the true identity and reasoning of Oz. Jurgens does make some mistakes here which most of which are it is playing a little bit to the lowest common denominator of the human nature which he perceives as violence. It is what is given to the reader as such, and being that is not what House of EL represents, Oz takes it upon himself to rectify the situation.

Patrick Zircher’s art here is very dynamic, especially in the interactions between Oz and the family in the war torn Africa. His best work comes to light especially toward the end where the situation turns sour and he is able to use shading effectively to show the darker nature of man. Especially at the turning point that brought Oz to the realization that humans are not worth saving; in that moment Zircher exudes a lot of his talent to show different types of emotions in a succession of panels, from terror, to sadness to glee in succession. It was a very effective for this particular story.

Oz Effect Part 2 gives us an insight behind Oz’ machinations and his goals for Superman, but it does not give us an answer that we are all waiting for. How did he escape the destruction of the planet?

Jurgens does succeed to make this into essential reading for Rebirth, as it does answer some very crucial questions and both in that sense and in the sense that is a very interesting story that could shape the life of the Man of Steel it comes recommended!

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