Action Comics 989 Review

Posted October 12, 2017 by Aron Pohara in Comic Books

Written by:  Dan Jurgens

Art by: Victor Bogdanovic

Published by:  DC Comics

A very timely event strikes at the heart of an important Superman story.

Action Comics #989 is one of those issues that is hard to read due to the nature of the book itself. It starts with a terrorist attack on the offices of Daily Planet, and due to the events that have taken place in Vegas just a week prior, it is surprising that the book was not pulled from shelves.

Jurgens manages to portray the attack as real as the workers of Daily Planet struggle to get to freedom. Lois’ concern for Jon as well is written well here, as ultimately that ends up being her sole goal. She is a concerned mother that does not want to have anything bad happen to her son. The overlying theme of Oz pulling the strings is very evident again as he is making sure that Superman is nowhere near the main danger he is orchestrating.

The way that Jurgens has managed to write an ending to this story could have ramifications deeply rooted in just how the relationship between Clark and Jon will unfold as well as Oz is trying to get Jon onto his side. How successful that will be is yet to be determined, but one thing is for clear: It is going to be an interesting conclusion to Oz’ story.

Victor Bogdanovic comes back to do art, and he is trying to channel Capullo a bit in this issue, which is not a bad thing. It fits the book well, especially toward the climatic resolution of the terror attack. The moments between Oz and Jon are also handled with great care as he manages to portray Jon’s wonderment in everything that Oz is showing him, leading one to believe that he might turn on his father.

One thing that is very similar thematically is the fact we literally had a similar story in Superman with Manchester Black, so here’s hoping that they resolve this story bit differently than just a full on confrontation between Jon and Clark.

Overall this is still a very engaging story that does answer quite a few questions that people had since the beginning of Rebirth, and even if it does not seem as essential as some of other stories involving Oz, it is still very intriguing.

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